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Monday Listicles: 10 Places Nana’s Been Kissed

Okay, so Nana was sitting here at the dining room table with me and I was checking out the topic for this week’s Listicles, while waiting for my Accounting Theory class to start online.  I asked her if she wanted to answer, and she said yes… I hope this don’t make me sick…

1.  In first grade, in the hallway at school.

2.  In a water drain tunnel by the side of the road at 13.

3.  Backstage during practice for the junior class play.

4.  Kissed by the trombone player on the band bus going to state finals.

5.  At a drag strip– Dad told her to look up at something in a tree and she did and he kissed her.

6.  At the altar by her groom (dad).

7.  Kissed her babies in the delivery room when they were born.

8.  Kissed her grandchildren the day they were born.

9. Kissed my dad when he surprised her with a Valentine’s Day present– a new car.

10. Kissed the twins when she walked in today.


Whew… thank goodness… that wasn’t that bad.  I was kinda scared.  LOL.


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  1. What a great Nana and love her list.

  2. I always love it when Nana stops in with a contribution to the blog.

  3. its those kisses I will keep to myself and smile……

  4. I threw up in my mouth a little. Thanks.

  5. Great list Nana! A lot of kissing happened during her education 😉

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