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Today’s topic is a list of ten Halloween costumes ten days before Halloween.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to share… but, I am going to list them out with a description…

  • A pumpkin.  This was one of those last-minute costume ideas.  I was in marching band and we always had to dress up for the football game before Halloween.  I was at a loss on what to be.  My mom had bought some of those orange trashbag pumpkin faces to put leaves in… and it got me thinking… I took one of those bags, cut holes for my legs and arms.  I wore leggings, stepped into the bag, and stuffed it full of crumbled up newspaper.  I tied it (loosely) at my neck with a green ribbon into a bow.  I then took a paper plate and a toilet paper roll and painted them green… then used more green ribbon to tie the “hat” to my head.  Voila.
  • A race car driver.  This was probably one of my all-time favorite costumes.  Once again, this was a marching band costume for a football game.  I wore black jeans and borrowed a family friend’s fire suit jacket.  I carried a pink plastic helmet that I had bought in the toy section of the local Tractor Supply store.  I also took a pink shop rag and one of my dad’s crescent wrenches and tucked them into my jean pockets.
  • Pregnant Frenchy from Grease.  This was another last-minute costumes.  At my last job, we were allowed to dress up on Halloween.  I was VERY pregnant with the twins at Halloween.  I decided to wear a pair of capris, black shoes, and my Pink Ladies shirt.  I then made a name tag that said “High School Drop Out” and “Frenchy”.  Everyone thought it was hilarious, well except a certain person, because I was so very pregnant.
  • Princess.  Last year’s costume wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  It is worth a mention because my adorable little girl, Miss Mo told me I looked like a princess and she offered to let me borrow her crown.  I wore a bridesmaid dress, white elbow-length gloves, a wing and a crown.  At work we have a costume contest and luncheon for Halloween.  The best part of the day was when my field coordinators showed up to introduce themselves to me (we had only spoke on the phone) and I was in a full-length dress with crown and wig.  LOL.
  • 50’s Girl.  I love Halloween.  LOL.  This was another favorite costume.  My mom made me a poodle skirt, complete with fuzzy poodle, and I wore my saddle shoes and had a puffy crinoline that my grandpa bought for me.  I wore my hair in pig tails and even had a scarf/bandanna tied around my neck.  Loved it.
  • Richard Nixon Mask.  My mom wore this one.  She was late picking me up from school and I had started walking home.  She pulled up to the curb in our 1979 Malibu (obviously, it was OUR car, not someone else’s) and I climbed in.  She asked me how my day was and I turned to look at her– and she had this Richard Nixon mask on. Scared the jeebies out of me.  I actually screamed and jumped out of the car.
  • Maxine and her Boyfriend.  This won first place at our costume contest last year at work.  A bunch of women from one of our departments all dressed up like Maxine from Hallmark cards.  We are talking rollers in their hair, clay face masks, robes, jammies.. the whole thing.  Then, the one guy in the department wore shorts, a robe, black socks, and slippers and was Maxine’s boyfriend.  It was hilarious.
  • Fisherman and Fish.  I’m sure you’ve seen this one on Pinterest.  Where the older child dresses up like the fisherman and the baby in the stroller dresses up like the fish.  Someone a few years ago actually had this costume when they came to our house for trick or treat.  Hilarious.
  • One Night Stand.  This was another one I saw awhile back on a website.  It cracks me up– probably wouldn’t be good for a kids’ party.  I would love to make one for a costume contest.  But, you craft a nightstand from cardboard and wear it… and you are a one night stand.
  • Lucy Ricardo.  This is my dream costume.  Every year, I saw I am going to dress up like Lucy.  Blue and white polka dotted dress, white apron, wig… and I never do.  One of these days…
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  1. You have proven yourself great at ‘last minute put together’ costumes in the past so I call for being Lucy this year! COME ON!!! you can do it.

  2. My dream costume growing up was the 50s girl. I loved the poodle skirts, the scarves, everything!

  3. I loved it! Especially when no one else had saddle shoes and even knew what a poodle skirt was. My dad listened to 50’s/60’s music… so, I was all into the sock hop retro thing.

  4. I seriously thought about doing the pumpkin thing this year… it is so simple and looks so cute.

  5. LOL! I have to be the tooth fairy. Miss Mo has decided. Once of these years…

  6. Love pregnant Frenchy costume…Grease is one of my all time favorites.

  7. sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms says:

    Be Lucy in the chocolate factory!! And I want a photo of pregnant Frenchy! Ellen

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