Monday Listicles: Ten Memories of the Not So Distant Past

This week’s topic for Monday Listicles is Ten Memories of the Not So Distant Past… this is going to be fun.  Maybe I should do this once a month just to keep track of the things I want to remember!  My biggest fear is that I will forget something important.

Jack Frost is nipping at our noses today.  I actually had to go warm my car up this morning… well, because I can’t reach my windshield to scrape my windows.  Alas, the problems of being short.  The hubs and I finished our Christmas shopping (EARLY) this year.  We wrapped it up (pun intended) Saturday.  Hit the “big city” and put a ton of stuff in layaway and went to this awesome pizza place.  Yummy.

Okay… on to my Monday Listicles…

  1. Bo telling me he was my best friend.  You can read this adorable, tear jerker here.  For the rest of my life, this is one memory I will hold close to my heart.
  2. Nana’s new boyfriend, the camel.  You can see the pictures here.  Wonder if he is coming for Thanksgiving dinner?  What does a camel eat?
  3. Being asked to join the Global Team of 200.  It is such an honor and I am so excited to be a part of the group.
  4. Starting back to school to get my graduate degree in accounting.
  5. Taking my mother-in-law for her chemo.  Even though it was a crappy reason we were together, we had a lot of fun and made the best of it.
  6. Going to the aquarium with the kids.  Okay, really the best part was the bird story and if you haven’t read it… you need to here.
  7. Taking the kids to Amish Country with Nana.  You can see pictures here and here.
  8. Getting the opportunity to go to BloggyCon this year.  I can’t wait until next year!
  9. Getting to see my friend Thom on Ellen.  Definitely, check out these two videos… here and here.
  10. Making such great bloggy friends– I never, ever thought my blog would “explode” the way it has.  It’s been awesome… and humbling… and rewarding.


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  1. Many amazing memories. Glad you can be there for your MIL to make something miserable into something fun.

  2. Making bloggy friends is pretty awesome:)

  3. okay I am teared up and no the boyfriend is not coming for dinner he doesnt behave the cobbles his food out of your hand….ugh

  4. Great post! Of course I had to go and click on all of your links, which made each memory a little more personal I think. Awesome 🙂 Also, OMG, that your friend Thom on the Ellen show – freaking hilarious. Loved it!

  5. Great memories! I have no idea what camels eat LOL Bloggy friends are pretty awesome!

  6. I know… he was absolutely hilarious. The funny thing is… that is SO not like him in real life. He is very quiet and calm.

  7. What a wonderful list of memories. How exciting to be going back to school!

  8. What adventures you had this year. I hope you MIL recovers quickly. Also, good on you for wrapping up Xmas shopping. I haven’t even started yet…

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