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Monday Manifest: Bad Habits

Hope you had a relaxing and wonderful weekend.  For today’s Monday Manifest, I am sharing some (no, not all) of my bad habits.  What bad habits do you have?  Do you have any tips for breaking them?

Monday Manifest: Bad Habits | Mini Van Dreams


Monday Manifest:  Bad Habits

  1. Texting while driving.  But, thanks to Siri, I have figured out to accomplish this without actually looking at my phone.
  2. Being too critical on myself.  I always have been and probably always will be.  It doesn’t matter what it is about, I have been ingrained to believe I am not good enough.
  3. Being sarcastic.  Normally, I would say this isn’t a bad thing… but my kids are starting to do it too.  And, while it is hilarious that they appreciate a good sarcastic comment, I can just see the notes home from the teacher coming…
  4. Not paying attention to people if they bore me.  If you are telling me a story that you have told me before, I’m not listening.  I don’t need to hear it again… especially if it is twice in the same conversation.
  5. Caring too much.  I tend to care too much about people and sometimes I get hurt.  Not intentionally, most of the time they don’t even realize I am going out of my way to help make their life easier.  But, say thank you for cripes sake… that’s all I want.
  6. Letting my gas light come on.  I am horrible at this.  I know, I know… it has bitten me in the behind more than once.  I can’t tell you how red my face was when I had to have my car towed and the dealership said “Ma’am, it was just out of gas.”  Duh.  And I used to race and work on cars.
  7. Procrastinating.  I procrastinate on everything.  I am getting better though.  Hell, this post is being written the night before!  That’s a step in the right direction!
  8. Getting upset when Don doesn’t like a new recipe.  I know he isn’t going to like everything, but in my defense the man is kinda picky.  But, when I think something is good I want some reassurance before I share it with the world on here and when he says he doesn’t like it, I get upset.  Then I start questioning if it really IS good and if I should share it or not.
  9. Starting projects and not finishing them.  So, this is one of my worst bad habits.  I have so many half-started projects – especially craft projects – that I have not finished yet.  You know, like the quilt I was making that is now folded up – unquilted – on the chair waiting to be finished.  Or the half embroidered nativity scene I was working on.  Or my kids’ half removed wallpaper… wait, does that one qualify for procrastination?
  10. Getting frustrated and taking it out on other people.  Things piss me off.  Things make me upset.  When my kids aren’t listening or people are just rude it makes me mad.  And, usually the next one to say something to me is the one who gets mean-Julia.  Sorry.  Its me, not you.

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