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Monday Manifest: Regrets

Happy Monday!  I thought I would start a new series on Mondays to replace the now defunct Monday Listicles.  I am calling it Monday Manifest!  Each week I will be posting a list of items related to a topic.  If you would like to get in on the fun on your own blog, let me know!  We can make it a blog hop!  This week’s topic is Regrets.  We all have some regrets… this is my top ten.

Monday Manifest: Regrets


Monday Manifest: Regrets

  1. Not going bowling with my brother when he would call and beg me.
  2. Not having children sooner.
  3. Waiting so long to go back to college.
  4. Not applying myself in high school.
  5. Not continuing to practice my clarinet after graduating.
  6. Not starting my blog sooner.
  7. Not making Don go to the doctor earlier when he was in pain months prior to his emergency colon cancer surgery.
  8. Not calling about the 1978 Malibu we saw out at the track years ago. (Later I found out it was being sold for CHEAP!)
  9. Not following my gut instinct and leaving my gynecologist years ago.
  10. Not getting married in Gatlinburg like Don and I originally planned.

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  1. why would you regret the beautiful wedding you had with all family and friends!!!

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