Multiple Color Heat Embossing

As promised, here is the tutorial on how to use multiple colors of embossing powder to emboss a single stamped image.  So, gather your supplies and keep reading!

Multiple Color Heat Embossing


Supplies List

  • Embossing ink
  • Stamp (rubber or cling)
  • Paper
  • Several colors embossing powder
  • Heat gun


Multiple Color Heat Embossing Supplies

1.  Using embossing ink, ink your chosen stamp and stamp firmly on paper.

2.  Layer the first color in desired location, removing excess before moving to next color.  (Keep in mind, turn the paper to ensure the embossing powder doesn’t stick to someplace unintended when removing the excess.)


Multiple Color Heat Embossing First Color


3.  Continue layering on colors as desired.  Remove excess between each color.


Multiple Color Heat Embossing Several Colors


4.  When stamped image is covered with embossing powder, use heat gun to heat the stamped image and set the powder.

Multiple Color Heat Embossing Heat Gun



There you have it!  Easy, right?  If you don’t already know how to heat emboss, please make sure you check out my tutorial on How to Heat Emboss.

This is a really cool technique and will look awesome on cards.  You could layer the colors like I did, or attempt to carefully use the embossing powder to “color” certain parts of the image (i.e. green for the trees, brown for the trunks.)  This would look super-cool making a color family gradient on a stamped image.

I hope you enjoy my tutorials… is there something else scrapbook or card making related you would like to see me tackle?  Something you don’t know how to do?  Something you would like to do a guest post on and share?  Leave me a comment!

Now, go make something!

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  1. Oh I love this project! So neat! Thanks for linking up at CEO of Me this week too!

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