My Best Friend

The scene:  the living room couch

The players:  Troy and Mommy

Time:  early evening

Troy is playing Mario “race” (Mario Kart).

Mommy is on the laptop writing a research paper.

Troy:  “Mommy?”

Mommy:  “Yes, bubby.”

Troy takes his hand and pats Mommy’s leg.

Troy:  “You are my best friend Mommy.”

Mommy:  “You are my best friend too.”

Troy:  “I love you mommy.”

Mommy:  “I love you too Bo.”

A few minutes pass…

Mommy:  “Will you always be my best friend, Bo?”

Troy: “Yes mommy.”

Mommy:  “I will always be your best friend too.”

Troy:  “I love you mommy.”

Mommy:  “I love you Bo.”


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG…wipes tears away. Boys have a special place in their heart for their mommies.

  2. I love these conversations. My own Bubby (Pete, who is turning 4 this weekend) had the same conversation with me while we were waiting for his brother to get home from school one day.

    Kids are just so wonderful!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Memories like this you will cherish over and over and some other time when you hear a mommy share a I love you story you will recall and perhaps a tear on your mommy story

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