My Future Car Salesman or Card Maker – Bo

Last night, I realized I had a future car salesman or card maker on my hands.  My son.  I had to run to the fair to drop off my entries and when I got home, the Hubs suggested pizza or subs for dinner.  I agreed.  Bo climbed up on my lap and said he wanted chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.  The conversation below occurred… (pay attention to the car versus cards verbiage.  LOL).

Bo:  I want chicken nuggets from McDonald’s.

Me:  You do?

Bo:  Yes.

Me: Do you have money to buy them?

Bo:  No, but I can get a job.

Me:  Where would you go work?  Can you sell cars?

Bo:  Yes.  I can make cards.

Me:  Cards?  I said cars, buddy.

Bo:  I know how to drive.

Me:  You do?

Bo:  Yes, I can sell cards.

Me:  What do you know about cars?  Do you know how to work on them?

Bo:  Yes.

Me:  Will you be able to get people to buy them?

Bo:  No, I will just give them to the peoples.

Me:  The cars?  How will you make any money?

Bo:  I don’t know mommy.

Me:  I think you need to sell them.

Bo:  I can drive.  And make cards.

Me:  You can drive?

Bo:  Yes.  I want chicken nuggets.  I’ll drive.


Needless to say, Bo got his chicken nuggets, but I don’t think he is too keen on being a car salesman.

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