National Tire Safety Week via Mini Van Dreams #tiresafety #summer #socialgood

National Tire Safety Week

Happy National Tire Safety Week!  Now that the kids are out of school, most families are planning vacations and road trips for the summer.  You’ve made your reservations, found the perfect swimming suit, packed the sunscreen… but, wait!  Are you forgetting something?  Have you checked your vehicle for safety?  Your family’s lives could be on the line!

National Tire Safety Week via Mini Van Dreams #tiresafety #summer #socialgood

Take a few minutes before your vacation or road trip to go through the Summer Driving Checklist provided by Right Turn.  It can save you time and money in the long wrong.  Nothing is worse than being on your way to a vacation destination and your car breaks down and you are stranded until it can be fixed or you can get a rental.  Play it safe.  A few steps prior to your departure can make the world of difference.

It is National Tire Safety Week, everyone needs to play their PART.  What is PART you ask?  Its a cute acronym to help you remember the vital items you need to check on your tires – Pressured, Alignment, Rotation and Tread!

But, how do you check this stuff?

Checking Tire Pressure

Did you know that if your tires are properly inflated, you can increase your fuel economy and prevent safety issues?

Here’s how:

  • Look for the recommended air pressure on your vehicle’s tire information label.  This is usually on the driver’s side door or door frame, but can also be in the glove box or owner’s manual.
  • Check the air pressure in your tires when they are cold, at least 3 hours after driving
  • Check all four tires and the spare
  • Check your air pressure every month


Did you know if your tires are misaligned they can cause your tires to wear more quickly?  Make sure you check your owner’s manual for specific alignment information and schedules.  You should also get an alignment if you have a pull or vibration, hit a pot hole or another object, or have uneven wear on your tires.


Did you know that properly rotated tires can reduce tire wear and increase your vehicle performance?  Normally, alignment and rotation go hand-in-hand.  By rotating your tires, you distribute the wear to all areas of the tire tread, rather than just one.  Check your owners manual to see what schedule you should rotate your tires.  This is usually every 5,000 miles.


Did you know a tire that is excessively or unevenly worn can be dangerous?  It only takes a quarter to check your tire tread.  Really.

Here’s how:

  • Insert a quarter headfirst into the tread of your tire
  • If you can see the TOP of George Washington’s head – it is time to get new tires
  • Do a visual inspection to check for dry rot or damage


For more information, check out these links:

This post was written for social good.  No compensation was received.  All information used with permission.

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  1. Such important information! It is amazing all the ways in which tires can affect both the performance and safety of our cars!

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