Ode to Our Absent Pool

Oh pool, how I miss you.

Don’t get me wrong, you were a pain in the butt while you were here.

Always needing cleaned out.

Always needing chlorine.

It was always something with you.

But, oh how I miss you.

Especially when the temperatures around here are hitting the 100 degree mark.

I miss floating along on a noodle without a care in the world.

Sun shining.

Birds chirping.

My cold drink on the side of the pool.

Alas, when you have kids, there is a time when we all must sacrifice.

The pool had to go.

Now, as the temperatures are hitting the 100’s… I miss you.

But, this momma can compromise.

For now, I am sitting with my feet in 3″ of water, in a kiddie pool.

The sun bouncing off the canopy we have up for the kids.

The water turning muddy because the kids keep mixing sand with it.

Being splashed.

Getting wet hugs from the munchkins.

Drinking a juice box.


This is the life.


  1. Anonymous says:

    feet in the water the best way to be cool with your kids wait til they throw a bucket of water on you to cool you off!love Nana

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