Our Engagement

This time of year, I always laugh to myself about the year the Hubs and I got engaged.  We had been dating three and a half years, and had bought a house in October.  A major contention point with me was that we still weren’t engaged.  Little did I know what the plans were…

It was 1999 and we had been living together for three months.  That year, Don really wanted a Dreamcast for Christmas– they had just come out and were super-hard to come across.  I managed to find him one and had it hidden away where he couldn’t find it.

It’s Christmas eve and we had just gotten home from my father-in-law’s house.  We were getting ready for bed and we heard what sounded like gun shots outside.  We ran out to the living room and were peeking through the curtains, and I remember us laughing that it looked like we were looking for Santa.

We didn’t hear anything else, so we went to bed.  I remember looking toward the tree at the packages and being sad there weren’t any small enough to be a ring box.

We got up the next morning and exchanged our gifts.  We used to sit on the living room floor facing each other and had our gifts to each other stacked up.  We would take turns handing each other a gift and opening them one by one.

We get to the last of the gifts… the Hubs has a big box sitting behind him for me and I had the Dreamcast for him.

We hand each other the boxes and begin ripping into the packages.

I unwrapped a 7-up box.

Meanwhile, he is DROOLING over his Dreamcast.

I opened the 7-up box and there was all kinds of plastic bags and stuff inside.

I kept digging.

I found a ring box.

I opened it up and inside was the millenium ring that I had wanted.

Now, here is where our stories differ… LOL.  The Hubs SWEARS he asked me to marry him.  I SWEAR he didn’t.  He was too busy opening the box his Dreamcast came in.

So, we were engaged.

We must have done something right though… we’ve been married 15 years.

Make sure you check out our wedding story… it’s worth a good laugh.  Or five.






  1. so sweet how he tricked you…smart man. Boy he REALLY wanted that Dremcast, LOL

  2. I tell people that he totally forgot he was proposing to me when he opened it… he gets so mad. LOL.

  3. but wait have you told how almost burned your marriage license!!!! i still laugh at that one !!!!

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