Paying for College

Today, I am featuring another money-saving infographic from Maxine Wells on college student debt.  This infographic is for informational purposes only.  It is not an endorsement by Mom on the Run x2.  Please seek more information from your high school guidance counselor, the financial aid department of the college you are considering, your financial advisor, and/or Federal Student Aid.  College is an important and expensive decision.  However, just because you do not think you can afford it, does not mean you can’t go.  Check into financial aid and other financing options.  You CAN go to college.

High school students want to find the best college to attend, and base their decisions off of many things. Some apply based on what the sports program looks like, others on how nice the campus is, and still others on if their chosen major is available. All of these students hope for the best fit to maximize their college experience. While it’s great to look into different factors about a school to make sure that it is the right fit, students and parents often overlook the most important part of choosing a university, the cost. Higher education is a huge financial investment for both students and parents. With the average student loan debt at about $31,000 in 2013, student loan debt is one of the highest forms of debt in America just after mortgage debt and with more people going back to school to enhance their career prospects that number is sure to increase.

Colleges and universities are not getting any cheaper, and as you go through the application process, it is easy to overlook the financial side because of how much you want to attend. Because of a lack of financial awareness and planning, this leads to thousands of dollars accumulating in student loan debt. So, before you jump headfirst into the college of your dreams, be smart about how you plan to pay for it. Check out more facts about student loan history with this infographic and you’ll save yourself a great deal of future stresses.

This is a guest post by Maxine Wells and is not an endorsement by Mom on the Run x2.  Please seek the advice of a financial advisor prior to making any college financing decisions.

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