the real awards 2013

The Real Awards 2013

Every year, we make plans to watch the award shows on television – honoring actors, actresses, television shows, and singers – who might or might not be doing something good for the world.  However, again this year, YOU can nominate and vote for people who are actually making a difference in the world!  Individuals who are saving lives and making the world a better place for all… not just in show business.


Who inspires you?

You can nominate any healthcare worker –  nurse practitioners, nurses, doctors, hospice workers, midwives, physician assistants, community health workers, pharmacists, or public health officers.  Someone who has made a difference in YOUR life.

From now until Friday, October 25th you are able to nominate someone in the health care field who has inspired you.  You can nominate someone at  Beginning Saturday, October 26th through December 20th, you can return the the REAL Awards website and vote for your favorite nominee!  The winners will be announced in January 2014, with the awards ceremony following in April 2014.

Some people enlighten us.  Some people entertain us.  Some people save our lives.

Join me in honoring and recognizing the REAL people making a difference in the world.


the real awards 2013


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  1. A great reminder, Julia, of who we really should be looking up to as heroes. Sometimes the shiny Hollywood thing distracts us.

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