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Everyone who knows me well, knows I am a nut when it comes to organization.  My Christmas shopping list is alphabetized by person on an Excel spreadsheet.  My grocery list is in order of the aisle at the store… adjusted for whichever store I am going to that visit.  I know… I am weird.  Awhile back, I thought it would be awesome to have a scrapbook planner page… which has morphed into today’s free printable, and two other printables (and possibly more!) that will be shared in a Scrapbook Planner Series on our blog.

Free Scrapbook Planner Series | Mini Van Dreams

You can use this super cute and free scrapbook planner page by itself or with the other printables I will be sharing in the upcoming weeks.  This page is perfect for including in a three-hold binder or just tossing in your scrapbook bag on the way to your next crop.  I have also included directions to print this full size sheet in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ size to include in your planner if you choose.

Two options are available… color and black & white.  Choose your favorite and get to scrapbook planning!

Free Scrapbook Page Planner | Mini Van Dreams


Free Scrapbook Page Planner | Mini Van Dreams


For the best results, I recommend you down load the PDF to your computer and then print.  Do not print directly from Google Documents.  The settings seem to get wacky sometimes.

To print in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ size to include in a planner, download the file to your computer and open it.  Click the print option under File on the menu bar.  When the printer dialog box pops up, click properties.  From here, find the paper options.  You can to change the selection to A5 to print the smaller version (note: this will print the sheet at 5.83″ x 8.27″).  If you want the sheet to fit exactly into your planner, you can also click custom size and input the width as 5.5″ and the length as 8.5″.  Then, print as usual.

Make sure you check back next Friday for the next scrapbook planning worksheet!

Now get to scrappin’…

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