Season of Tending by Cindy Woodsmall

Studying the Amish has become a hobby of mine. I try to read anything I can get my hands on about the Amish– including fiction books. I chose this book because of the author supposedly having strong connections with the Amish community.

I was very disappointed in the Amish side of this book. First, the women characters were very mouthy and outspoken. Second, from my interactions with the Amish and from what I have read in both non-fiction and fiction books– Amish men are not allowed to wear cologne… and several times in the book it was referred to the smell of his cologne. Very disappointing to someone who enjoys reading and learning about the Amish culture. Lastly, there was little discussion about their faith and I think in the entire book, it was only mentioned twice that they attended the biweekly Church meetings.

This aside, the story was very good and well written. I enjoyed reading about Rhoda and her gardens, as well as Samuel and Jacob’s family. I also enjoyed how the author discussed the reasoning behind the book and how it was based on an orchard that was in the family. It was nice to read about the background and get a better understanding.

Overall, this is a good read. The story line was believable and was well-written. I just was turned off by it being touted as an Amish book, when it truly wasn’t. I was very disappointed in that aspect of the book. But, that aside, I did find myself wondering how the next book in the series will begin and end.

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


season of tending

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