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Paul Newman.  Hollywood legend.  Philanthropist. Founder of SeriousFun Children’s Network.

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In 1988, Paul Newman created a camp in Connecticut called “The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp” to help children with serious illnesses, and their families, have fun and enjoy being children. Today, this single camp has grown to 30 initiatives globally, and serving over 40,000 children with serious illnesses  EVERY YEAR at no cost!  40,000 children.  EVERY.  YEAR.  In the last 25 years, they have touched almost 400,000 people in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.  They have reached children from 50 countries and across five continents.   In addition to SeriousFun’s worldwide camp locations, the development of the organization’s Global Partnership Program (GPP) reaches children in developing countries where the medical and psychosocial needs exceed the locally, available resources.

Mr. Newman’s vision was to provide a safe and fun environment for children from all backgrounds.  Children are able to move past their illnesses, experience the fun and adventure of camp, and reach beyond the limitations of their illnesses.  Each activity is designed to provide therapeutic benefits to the child’s quality of life and their future.  Programs include summer camps, family and sibling weekends, adaptive winter ski programs, and hospital outreach programs.  And, as Paul said, “Kick back and raise a little hell.”



“It’s all about the kids.”  – Paul Newman


Click the picture below or here to watch the PSA on Mr. Newman’s vision.

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There are several ways to get involved.  Volunteering, planned giving, corporate and foundation giving, and several other ways!  Visit the SeriousFun Network for more information!


100% of your donation directly benefits the camps and programs, helping kids with serious illnesses around the world.


Yes, you read that correctly… 100% of your donations directly benefits the camps and programs.   Due to the generosity of the Board of Directors and Newman’s Own Foundation, all  the administrative expenses are entirely paid for– your entire donation goes to benefit the kids.  You can’t beat that!


“Camp gave me not only a smile on my face, but gave me a smile in my heart.” – A Camper


For more information

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  1. What a wonderful charity campaign here. Love that celebraties started it and are involved with it.

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