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Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant is a at-home professional teeth whitening system that allows you to create custom-filled teeth whitening trays at home without an expensive trip to the dentist!  Trust me, I am well versed in teeth whitening.  When I was a child, I took tetracycline for ear infections.  If you are not familiar with tetracycline, one of the unknown side effects at the time was discolored teeth.  I spent my entire childhood and middle school years being ridiculed for my stained teeth.  I’ve had family members buy me smokers toothpaste, students in my civics class bought me a toothbrush for Christmas, and was continuously called “Old Yeller” for several years.

Back in that time, tooth whitening was not a viable option and didn’t even exist – that I know of – for most of that time.  When we finally found a doctor that could whiten teeth, we had to drive over an hour to his office and my parents had to pay several hundred dollars for the procedure.  Twice.

I was never really happy with the outcome, but it was enough that it is barely noticeable.  I stayed away from home bleaching systems for years, just because I didn’t want the disappointment of it not working like I expected.  I finally broke down and had my dentist fit me with custom bleaching trays for a hefty price.  I used them and they worked okay.  I would bleach every couple of months for a couple of weeks and then would be good to go for awhile.  The downside was my teeth would ache and be sensitive after using the bleach that I hated to use it!

Recently, I was contacted my Smile Brilliant to try their at home custom bleaching system and write a review.  I said okay, but seriously thought it wouldn’t be any different than the stuff that I got from the dentist.

But, it was.

Smile Brilliant uses a 22% high-density teeth whitening gel as well as a desensitizing gel and it works amazingly.

When you purchase the Smile Brilliant at home tooth whitening system, you get a box with all the supplies you need… the mold trays, the paste to make the mold with, the desensitizing gel and the bleaching gel.

Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant | Mini Van Dreams #review #prfriendly #productreview

The instructions show you step by step what to do to create your teeth molds for your bleaching trays.  First, you use the base paste and catalyst paste by kneading them together to create a dough-like substance.

Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant | Mini Van Dreams #review #prfriendly #productreview

You press this paste into one of the tooth trays to create the base for the mold of your teeth.

Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant | Mini Van Dreams #review #prfriendly #productreview

Now, comes the fun part… you press the mold onto your teeth to create a relief of your mouth for the bleaching trays.  (It was late, ignore my hair standing up on end.)

Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant | Mini Van Dreams #review #prfriendly #productreview

When you are done, this is what the finished mold looks like.

Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant | Mini Van Dreams #review #prfriendly #productreview

You take both molds – upper and lower – and put them into the prepaid envelope and ship them to the lab.  The lab crates your custom bleaching trays based on the impressions you made and ships them back to you in a few days.

When you get your trays back, you are ready to bleach!

Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant | Mini Van Dreams #review #prfriendly #productreview

Unfortunately, in between these steps is when my cell phone took a swim in the potty.  So, I don’t have pictures of me putting the desensitizing gel and bleaching gel on the trays.

But, I think this picture speaks volumes…

Smile Brilliant with Smile Brilliant | Mini Van Dreams #review #prfriendly #productreview

For less than the cost to visit the dentist, you can get custom fitted at home bleaching trays with 22% high-density bleach that really works.  If you already have trays, or you want to “re-bleach” you can also purchase the syringes of bleach from the website cheaper than the dentist!  They even offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!  (See the website for details.)

If you are unhappy with your smile because of discoloration, I highly encourage you to check out Smile Brilliant!

In exchange for this post, I received a complimentary Smile Brilliant teeth whitening tray kit to sample.   All opinions and statements are my own and were not influenced in any way by the compensation received.  Please see my disclosure for more information.

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  1. Impressive! Although I hate the whole sticking-goo-in-my-mouth thing it might be worth it to get such a successful home whitening system!

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