Summer Vacation is Over

On June 12th, one of our favorite cartoon episodes will end.  Phineas and Ferb are going back to school.  Candace has yet to bust her younger brothers and today is the last day of summer vacation.  We have fallen in love with the blended, suburban family – An American mom used to be a pop star, an English dad is a antiques dealer, a sister is driven to bust her brothers, and the step-brothers who just want to have fun this summer.  Add in a pet platypus that moonlights as a spy with the Organization Without a Cool Acronym, and you have the makings of a great cartoon.

Each day, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher wake up with grand plans to make the summer the best ever.  Phineas usually states, “Ferb, I know what we are going to do today.”  Whatever has been planned begins to be built – think massive, crazy, fun creations – and their sister Candace begins her never-ending quest to get their mom to “bust them.”  Meanwhile, Perry (their pet platypus) attempts to defeat the latest “take over the tri-state area” scheme that mad scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz has come up with.  By the end of the episode, the two plots collide and Dr. Doofenshmirtz’ “a-nator” has destroyed the evidence of Phineas and Ferb’s daily project and Candace is left without evidence to show their mom.

The show was created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh.  (Credits include The Simpsons and Rocko’s Modern Life.)  They also voice Major Monogram and Dr. Doofenshmirtz in the episodes.  The cartoon was developed after Povenmire sketched a triangular looking boy (Phineas) in a restaurant.  The two friends worked together to create the characters and then pitched the idea to various television networks for 16 years before it was picked up by the Disney Channel.

Each episode features a catchy musical number – usually in a “Broadway-style” dance and singing routine.  With famous actors lending their voices to the lovable characters – Ashley Tisdale as Candace, Caroline Rhea as mom Linda Flynn-Fletcher – the cartoon provides entertainment for children as well as adults.

To be honest, as I read that the series is ending, I teared up.  This is one of my favorite cartoons.  We have incorporated the catch phrases from each episode in our every day lives (Where’s Perry?, I know what we are going to do today…, BUSTED!, Whatcha doin’?)  Don’s ring tone on his cell phone is Dr. Doofensmirtz’s theme song.  The boys have spent all summer vacation working through their list of things they wanted to do… building a rocket, finding a mummy, climbing up the Eiffel tower, discovering something that doesn’t exist, giving a monkey a shower, surfing tidal waves, creating nano bots, or locating Frankenstein’s brain.  Sometimes, during the episodes, Phineas will tell Ferb to “check it off the list” because they have accomplished something they wanted to do.  Awhile back, there were only two things left… summer was coming to an end.

We’ve got one last day of summer,
One more day before school has begun –
One last day in the sun,
Let’s have some serious fun!

A few months ago, a special episode was aired entitled Act Your Age, where time fast-forwards into the future and you see what happens 10 years later.  Phineas and Isabella get together.  Vanessa and Ferb ride off into the sunset.  I should have known then that summer was ending soon.

Because I am impatient, I have already read most of the script for the final episode.  I know the spoilers.  I know what happens on the last day.  (Think large playground equipment and a rip in time!)   However, I stopped reading before I finished the entire day because I wanted to be surprised.  I do know, the creators have promised that the show will go off with a “bang.”  Sounds promising.  Will Candace finally be able to bust her brothers?  Will Doofenshmirtz finally take over the tri-state area?  Who knows.  I do know, however, that I am probably going to cry.  But, as Buford says…

I’m not crying.  I’m just sweating through my eyes.

On June 9th, Disney launched a 73 hour Phineas and Ferb marathon to relive the entire summer culminating with the last big project of summer vacation.

Hey Don, I know what we are going to do today…

Not sure what we are going to do tomorrow.

As Ferb says in Unfair Science Project…

 But, that’s another story.

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  1. I have not yet had a chance to watch the final episode. The kids were watching the other day but I decided to take a nap instead.

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