That’s My Mommy!

Since having kids, occasionally there are moments that just stop my cold in my tracks and make my heart hurt… in a good way.  A few weeks ago, Nana and I took the kids to a local teaching farm for a baby animal festival.  The kids loved it.  So much so, Miss Morgan threw herself on the ground and refused to get up to walk to the van.  It was a lot of cute, cuddly, furry fun.  We were able to hold the animals and pet them.  There were crafts and hayrides.  The kids even helped churn butter and then we got a taste of it fresh from the churn.

After we left there, we decided to go to McDonald’s for lunch.  Thankfully, the one closest to where we were still had an indoor play land.  The kids were so excited.  We ate and then hit the play land.  I always worry about them when they get into areas with older kids.  My kids try to join in the fray and end up getting hurt because the older kids don’t realize they are so much younger.

Unfortunately, that day there were older kids playing and of course, my kids just jumped right in. 
Thankfully, there was a boy and a girl—brother and sister—that took my kids under their wings, so to speak and helped them with the climbing and getting around through the tunnels.  At this point, I was thinking to myself… “thank goodness someone has raised their kids right.”
Pretty soon, I see Troy’s head sticking out of the tunnel into this clear bubble.  Next pops the little boy who was helping him.  I see Troy look around and his face lights up when he sees Nana and I.  He nudges the little boy and says “That’s my mommy.”  My heart melted.  My heart was filled with so much love it hurt.  That’s my son up there.  A few seconds later, Morgan’s head popped up and she said “That’s my mommy too.”  I wanted to cry.
Pretty soon, it was time to leave.  We were headed to a local farmers market to buy some strawberries.  I put the kids’ shoes on and Troy said, “Wait!  I have to go say goodbye to my new friends.”  Off he headed to say goodbye.  When things like this happen, I realize I am doing something right.  That maybe I am a much better mommy then I give myself credit for.
As we strapped them into their car seats, I said “Troy-bear, mommy loves you.” 
He replied, “I love you too mommy.”
“Morgy-bear, I love you.”
She replied, “I love you mommy.”
All was right with the world.  I’m their mommy and they will always be my little bears.

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  1. These warm-hearted moments make all their mess so worthwhile, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing with us at NOBH. Keep linking up

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