The Answer to My Monday Listicles Myths…

Okay… if you haven’t “played” yet… don’t cheat.  Read my Monday Listicles post to guess…  I only think a couple of people guess correctly… and I am SHOCKED you guys think I “earned” my beads!  LOL.  Okay, maybe not… if I had ever been to Mardi Gras that would have been the truth…


The answer that is true is….


Drum roll please.


I met David Hasselhoff at Indy 500 Time Trials and for the life of me couldn’t remember his name.  We talked for about 10 minutes and I kept (repeatedly) referring to him as Michael Knight (from Knight Rider).  I was in middle school at the time… and he had all these gorgeous women hanging all over him.  But, he took the time to talk to me and my brother and answer our questions and to talk about racing.


  1. You actually met The Hoff!!
    way cool. I would have loved to have seen that car.

  2. So you learned first-hand why Germans love the Hoff? Quite cool.

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