The Green Apple Grill

My dream in life is to own my own restaurant.

A nice, family-style place with an apple theme.

I want to call it the Green Apple Grill.

Why, you ask?

My great-grandma Apple’s maiden name was Green (maybe with an e… I don’t know) and she married an Apple.  Her daughter– my grandma– on a trip somewhere purchased these hand blown green apples that my grandpa gave me the first Christmas in our new home.

Hence, the Green Apple Grill.

I want to have a place where the kids can run around, the guests talk to each other, the coffee is always hot and there is always a piece of pie or apple dumplings to eat.  I want a small-town restaurant.

Nothing crazy on the menu… good, healthy versions of the classics– chicken and noodles, beef pot-pie, chicken and dumplings.  Apple pie.  Apple Dumplings.  Hand dipped ice cream.  The kind of food you could get at grandma’s house.

Friendly faces.

Rustic.  Farm-feeling.  Home.

The decor, obviously, would be apples.

Eventually, this would branch out into a farm-market with apple-themed gifts, foods, etc.  Maybe even locally made quilts.

The dream goes on and on.

Occasionally, while we are out and about, I find the perfect location for the Green Apple Grill.  I’ll look at the Hubs and say “There she is.”

That pesky money issue keeps coming up though.

So, for now, I keep hoping some rich uncle I don’t know about dies and leaves me the money.

I keep perfecting the recipes in my kitchen.

One of these days, I am going to open my Green Apple Grill.

A girl can dream, can’t she?


  1. It’s a great dream! I would certainly eat at a place like that!
    I have always wanted to try my hand at a restaurant that only serves breakfast, which just happens to be my favorite meal. I don’t have it all worked out quite like you do, though!
    I hope it happens for you someday soon.

  2. Grandma A talked about their restaurant alot and it was fun to hear the stories.

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