The Shanti Uganda Society Needs Help!

The Shanti Uganda Society was founded by Natalie Angell-Besseling in 2008 to help provide birth training and support for communities in Uganda that are affected by war, poverty, and HIV/AIDS.  The first program that Shanti Uganda formed was to select 600 HIV-positive women to form an Income Generating Group.  These 600 women, along with other community members, began planning a community birthing center.  The group purchased an acre of land in Nsaasi Village, and began the construction of the Shanti Uganda Birth House.  The doors to the birthing center opened in fall of 2010.

In 2012, Shanti Uganda helped delver 113 babies into the world, tested over 400 mothers (and their partners) for HIV and other STI’s, provided over 1000 prenatal care appointments, ran a weekly infant immunization program, and taught family planning to the community!

For 2013, Shanti Uganda is increasing their services and plans to help even more families in the months to come.  But, they need some help!  They are wanting to expand the Shanti Uganda Birth House, create an office to house the Shanti Uganda Society, as well and provide solar power to the Birth House and Laboratory.  They also need funds to help purchase birth supplies and provide emergency transportation for pregnant women in Uganda.

The Shanti Uganda Society’s mission is to improve infant and maternal health, provide safe, women-centered care, and support the well-being of birthing mothers and all women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.  They have a vision of a world where birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS are supported, empowered, and able to develop to their full potential.

The Shanti Uganda Society approaches their programs a little differently than others’.  All projects are initiated and supported by the local community.  They believe in the global family and it’s power to change the world.  They believe that they should act and serve with love and compassion.  They respect the earth and all it’s people.  Every project is able to sustain itself over time and provides lasting benefits for the future.  They believe in the sacredness of traditional healing, wisdom, cultural values, and the community.

So, how can you help?  I highly recommend you check out the Shanti Uganda’s Society’s website to read more on what they have accomplished and what they are planning to do in the future.  If you feel you are able, please click on one of the pictures below to donate to the project of your choice.  Even $1.00 can help support the Shanti Uganda Society’s goals.









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Shanti Uganda is a registered Canadian Charity, a Ugandan NGO, and a Private Not-For-Profit Medical Facility registered through the Ministry of Health in Uganda.  All pictures and information used with permission through Global Team of 200 and Mom Bloggers for Social Good.

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