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For Monday Listicles this week, the topic is 10 Apps.  Most of you don’t know, but last week I managed to drop my Samsung Galaxy S3 and shattered the screen.  Thank goodness, I had the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that I am reviewing for Verizon… I just switched everything over, but had to download my apps again.  Before I forget, next week’s list is an “anything goes” list to celebrate the end of 2013.

I have mentioned before that I was chosen to be a Verizon Voices Mom and was given the opportunity to review a device with free service for 6 months.  So, when my phone met its early demise, I was lucky enough to have a backup.

10 apps mondaylisticles

The Apps that made my list:

  1. Cozi Family Calendar – I love this calendar.  I like how you can color-code everything and anyone in the family with the password can log on and see what is going on.
  2. ESPN Fantasy Football – This would be the app I use to kick everyone’s butt in my FFL.
  3. Word Search – I love this app to kill time.
  4. 7 Little Words – Another app I love to use to kill time.
  5. Hay Day – my guilt pleasure.  (I need wool, if you are playing and want to friend me!)
  6. Pixlr Express – I LOVE this app for photo editing on my phone.  Almost as good as PicMonkey.
  7. Facebook – I wouldn’t survive without this one.
  8. Twitter – Yet another one I wouldn’t survive without.
  9. My Fitness Pal – Not that I use it consistently, but it is an awesome (and free!) app for weight loss.
  10. Pinterest – Enough said.

What are your favorite apps?  Did I miss any?  Do you like any of the ones I like?

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