Things I Am Looking Forward To

It’s Monday.  It was a lazy weekend at our house.  This momma was sick.  We made ice-dyed t-shirts.  I spent all weekend attempting to get the dye off my hands.  And, we cooked out.  Very lazy.  This week’s Listicles is 10 Things I Am Looking Forward To courtesy of Heather @ The Frill of Life.  Next week, Ashlee calls for 10 CELEBRITIES I WOULD CHOOSE TO BE STUCK ON A DESERTED ISLAND WITH.  So, let’s get with it…

10 Things I Am Looking Forward To in Amish Country

  1. Cheese
  2. Trail bologna
  3. Rolling Ridge Ranch
  4. Visiting Hershburger’s for veggies and pumpkins
  5. Visiting Lehman’s
  6. Cheese
  7. Eating at the Farmstead Restaurant
  8. Cheese
  9. Seeing the horse and buggies, hearing the clip clops of the hooves
  10. Did I mention cheese?


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  1. Don Gibson says:

    Our trip to amish country is coming up fast, I’m very excited to be going. I take it you’ll be buying some cheese while we are there 🙂 well I can’t argue against that, cheese is delicious. I’m looking forward to the rolling ridge ranch, lehmans, spending time with my family and whatever else we get in too (like a gravel road)

  2. Sounds like it’s gonna be a Gouda trip! Was that too cheesy? Ok seriously, I will stop now, before the cheese muensters come get me. Oh I kill me, can you tell? Nice list today, Julia!

  3. We do have some stories involving gravel roads… blog post anyone?

  4. you forgot “fry pies”!

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