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Things I Want to Do Outside

I pulled up to the house yesterday after going to the grocery store and my to-do list got bigger.  I have so many projects that I need to work on inside, but the outside needs some TLC also.  I quickly made a list in my head and thought I’d share it… you know, in case one of you want to help me…

Things I Want to Do Outside | Mini Van Dreams

  1. New Shutters
  2. New mailbox
  3. Trim burning bush
  4. Put down mulch
  5. Plant perennials
  6. Fix gutter
  7. Replace steps
  8. Replace porch light
  9. Repaint railings

You will be over this weekend to help, right?

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  1. Only if you then come to my house to replace the railing, plant flowers and bushes, fix the yard that sank when we got the new septic system, paint, clean the outside of the windows, and install 2 new storm doors. 🙂

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