Things I Know and Wish I Didn’t

I am lying on the bed in our hotel room in Michigan, exhausted from dragging 4 year old twins and Nana all over Frankenmuth, Michigan.  We just got back from the pool and I am now just getting time to type up my Monday Listicles.  This week’s topic is 10 Things I Know and Wish I Didn’t.  Next week’s topic is 10 Things I Have a Crush On.  So, read on… I’ll try to stay awake long enough to finish the list.  We have dinner reservations at 6 at the  Bavarian Inn Restaurant… I hope I don’t fall asleep with my face in the food!

10 Things I Know and Wish I Didn’t

  1. What it feels like to have one of the two babies in your belly turn over at 8-1/2 months.  Yeah, its painful.
  2. What a tornado looks like across a river from your hotel.
  3. What it feels like to lose your brakes going down the drag strip at 100 MPH.
  4. How big the needle is that they use for a c-section spinal.
  5. What an open incision looks like after colon surgery.
  6. How many feet your colon is.
  7. What it feels like to walk into a hospital room and seeing your husband having serious difficulties breathing.
  8. How much it hurts to have the weight of a car trailer shift onto your foot.
  9. Algebra
  10. What it feels like to watch a tow truck pull your race car out of the river after the transmission fails.


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  1. I think I am good with not knowing a single, solitary thing on that list! Holy cow!

  2. Dear Lord!! I’m definitely glad I don’t know a lot of those things!! Unfortunately I know all the twin stuff (ugh!) and I love #9! I hope you stayed awake long enough for dinner:-)

  3. Don Gibson says:

    Wow that’s quite the list. #7 was definitely not a good day. Oh I remember the days of algebra I didn’t like it then and sure want no part of it now. Not sure what we are going to do when the kids bring home the algebra book lol.
    PS….I hope I make next week’s listicles!

  4. Cry? I don’t remember anything about Algebra.

  5. Amazingly, I did stay awake… Bo, on the other hand.

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