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Things to Do in Amish Country

It is almost time for our annual pilgrimage to Amish Country in Berlin, Ohio.  What started out as a trip with the kids when they were babies has turned into an a vacation we come back to year after year.  We’ve had many good times, and a few bad times (think haunted hotel room!).  But, for the most part it is an amazing trip.  Since our trip is almost here, I wanted to share my list of 10 Things to Do in Amish Country!

10 Things to Do in Amish Country | Mini Van Dreams



  1. Visit Sol’s.  (Ummmm… I just realized Sol’s has online shopping.  Not good.)
  2. Eat a Trail Bologna and Swiss sandwich at The Farmstead.
  3. Buy our 2015 Christmas ornaments and a nativity at ‘Tis the Season.
  4. Visit Zinck’s Fabric Outlet so Nana doesn’t pout the entire trip.
  5. Check out all the cool and unique things at Lehman’s.
  6. Visit Hershberger’s for fry pies, pickles, HUGE tomatoes and onions, and so the kids can pet a cow or two.
  7. Buy cheese.  Lots of cheese.
  8. Eat at the Chalet in the Valley.
  9. Have a picnic dinner.
  10. Check out the Farm at Walnut Creek for the first time.

To check out our past excursion to Amish Country and to read about the haunted hotel room we had the privilege luck of staying in, follow the links below.

Amish Country 1

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