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Twin’s 8th Birthday

The twin’s 8th birthday will forever be known as the year we all became sick while staying in a hotel.  No, we didn’t get some horrible disease from a dirty room.  Instead, after a week of no kids puking – I was hit like a truck in the middle of Dave and Busters.  The flu had already gone through our house twice… both kids were hit.  But, then mommy got sick. 

And, we all know when mommy gets sick, the show must go on.

I had to comfort myself with Pepto tablets and Sprite.

We decided to take the kids to a hotel for the weekend for their birthday rather than having a birthday party.  Don even managed to score some Columbus Bluejackets tickets for the Saturday we were going.  We were even visiting Dave and Buster’s to eat dinner and play some video games – mecca for my video game junkies.

We played some video games and then headed over to the restaurant to eat.  During dinner I started to feel a little nauseous and cold.  I just ignored it.

A little while later, we were almost done with dinner and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  And a truck.  And a huge boulder.

I almost pushed Morgan to the floor trying to get out of the booth to find the bathroom.

You know, the one on the other side of the building.

So, while the kids had a blast playing video games and trading in their points for toys… mommy was in the bathroom trying not to die.

Oh, but it wasn’t over.  It wasn’t a 24 hour thing.  Oh no.

The entire night I was sick.  Up and down to the bathroom.  The next morning I finally fell asleep and decided I wasn’t going to the game.  Except we couldn’t find anyone to take my ticket.

I had to rally.

I went to the game… thank God we were super-close to the restroom.  But, dang if I didn’t want some nachos or a coney dog.  Instead, I comforted my upset tummy with Pepto tablets and Sprite.

The Jackets won.

That night Morgan puked twice.

We left early Sunday for home.  Daddy was sick too.

The only person who made it through the birthday weekend unscathed was Troy.  I am still not sure how he avoided it.

I think next year we are staying home and having a birthday party.


The Twin's 8th Birthday | Mini Van Dreams

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