#Valentines Day with Shari’s Berries

I had the chance to review Shari’s Berries recently to help promote gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Dang, I love being a blogger!  Especially when the perks are as yummy as this!  I was given the opportunity to pick a gift for myself and review it on here.

There are so many yummy goodies on Shari’s Berries.  They not only carry chocolate dipped strawberries, but also Mrs. Field’s cookies, cake pops, cheese cakes, regular cakes, cup cakes, and truffles.  Oh my! They also carry gift baskets and “two-day” gifts that provide flowers on the first day and a treat on the second.

Trust me, it was a hard decision on what to order!

I went with the two dozen gourmet dripped swizzled strawberries.  I figured my kids would get a kick out of the strawberries and it seemed like something a man might buy for his love for Valentine’s Day.  I only ordered the basic strawberries, not the “sweetheart” strawberries which are supposed to be larger (!).

Super easy to order and add-on anything extra you might want… but there was no pressure to buy the extras, which was rather nice.  Shari’s Berries is a Red Envelope brand, so if you have a logon already, you can use it on this site as well.  I decided to have these delivered about a week in the future, just to see how the future delivery worked.

They arrived right when I scheduled them and were in perfect condition, packed well and with ice packs to keep them cool.  (Of course, it is January in Ohio, they would have been fine!)

I get a phone call from Nana after they were delivered.  “You got a box from Shari’s Berries and the kids want to open them.”  I told her to go ahead.  She called me back to tell me there were two smaller boxes inside, each with a dozen strawberries… let’s just say, when I got home there was only ONE box left.  The kids and her ate the other box!

Shari's Berries Box
The decorative box the strawberries were in.


Shari's Berries Strawberries
Delicious, huge strawberries!

When I got home, I rushed into the kitchen to try one.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  They were the biggest, most juiciest strawberries ever.  I can’t even imagine what the sweetheart strawberries would have been like!  Nana compared them to golf balls when she described them over the phone.  The chocolate was amazing they were dipped in– especially the dark chocolate.  It wasn’t too thick or too thin… just right.  I am ashamed to say I ate THREE of them standing in front of the fridge.  Definitely a winner.

I just asked Mo a few minutes ago what she thought of them and she replied, “They were yummy and good.”  So, there you have it.

Shari's Berries Strawberry
Check out the size of these strawberries!

So, if you don’t know what to get your love for Valentine’s Day– get these.  They are yummy good.

Pssst…. you can get some coupons here.


I received an e-code to purchase a product of my choice from Shari’s Berries, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.


  1. oh it all looks so yummy…..I have to go check it out…

  2. Trust me people these were the best looking and tasting chocolate covered strawberries I have ever seen. And they were soooooo big and sweet……If I was a recepient of these from someone who loved me for Valentine’s Day or Anniversary I would feel like a Queen……

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