Wednesday Hodgepodge – Vol. 126

Happy Wednesday!  It’s Wednesday Hodgepodge time!  And, the work week is half over, which is always something to celebrate.  Since I always ramble in the 8th question, I guess we will get to it…

1.  It’s National Bike Week…do you own a bicycle? When did you last ride a bike?

I do own a bicycle.  It’s a Bianchi.  It was my brother’s and I inherited it when he died.  It’s currently sitting in my shed, however, because the last time I rode it I about killed myself.  It’s a racing bike and the wheels are very, very narrow.  So, for someone who is rather klutzy, it’s not a good mix.  The last time I rode a bike was about 5 years ago.

2. What’s something you learned in school that wasn’t part of the curriculum?

Wow.  How to answer THIS one.

I learned that a Snickers bar will not mold or go bad in a year’s time.  Our football coach also taught earth science.  The first class, he took out a Snickers bar, took a bite of it and placed it on the window sill.  It sat there all year and he took a bite of it at the end of the year.  He used it as an object lesson to show us what kind of chemicals we were putting into our bodies.

The other thing I learned was to not believe first impressions.  We had this English teacher in 9th grade that I had heard horror stories about.  I had him for English and for some reason, he liked me.  I didn’t do any homework in his class– I was given the opportunity to compile a literary portfolio instead.  The papers, poems, stories, etc I wrote had to be related to what we were studying, but other than that I was pretty much open to any topic.  He helped me become a better writer and student and the “grouchy old man” that every one claimed he was… they were wrong.  Now, don’t get me wrong– he was strict and grumpy.  But, if you did your work, did it to the best of your ability, and was creative– he supported you 100%.

Okay… and how to kiss a boy.  That was in middle school.

3. What’s a food you’ve never tried, but want to try? What’s a food you’ve tried and will never try again?

Thai food.  I have never gotten the opportunity to have any.  Something I would never have again is caviar.  I couldn’t get past the fishy egg thing.

4. Have you been more demanding on yourself lately or less? Why? Do you think that’s a good trend?

Definitely more demanding.  I don’t know if its good or not.  I feel like I am floundering at work, home and school.  Something is going to have to give soon.

5. Who is your favorite book, movie, or TV show villain?

Nina Myers in 24.  Hands down.

6. How concerned are you about identity theft?

Not too much.  I mean, I’m careful about what I do online and I shred stuff… but, I am not super crazy about stuff.

7. I saw this last question on Dawn’s blog a couple of week’s ago and asked if I could share. Everybody hop over and say hi, but first answer this…would you rather have an ordinary home in an extraordinary place or an extraordinary home in an ordinary place?

It would definitely be an ordinary home in an extraordinary place.  Literally, I could live in a shack with no electricity, if I could wake up each morning to look at a beautiful and breathtaking  mountain range with no one around for miles and miles.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Guess where I am going to be this weekend?  Fast & Furious 6 is out in theaters.

All roads lead to this.



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  1. Thai Food is my favorite-yum! That snickers bar story is pretty incredible. Yikes! My hubs works for a medical company and one year for career day he spoke to my then 5th grade daughter’s class. He brought in a petri dish and they swabbed the teacher’s desk along with some other items in the room, like the water faucet handle and the light switch. What grew was GROSS! A great visual for the kids!

  2. Wow, the Snickers bar would probably freak me out a little. Not for the chemicals, but imagine all the dust in that second bite!

    We do lots of shredding too; old statements or ads, basically anything that has our names on it. We don’t get too freaky about it ether, just careful.

  3. I saw the first 2 or maybe 3 F&F but lost interest…but this new one looks GOOD!!! I will be interested to see how you like it. Um, and I pretty much never want to eat a snickers bar again! Yikes!

  4. Neat lesson about the Snickers bar! Happy Wednesday!

  5. So many people go into school years with preconceived ideas. And as a result, many miss out on the wonderful opportunities those teachers could have given. What is a teacher to do if you go in not liking her before she even has a chance to show you what she can do? Sorry, rant over now. 🙂

    Those racing bikes are scary. My husband has one from when he did triathlons. I don’t know how people ride them.

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