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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 254

Happy Wednesday.  Month end got me again, so I have been MIA on the blog the last few days.  One of these months, I am going to schedule ahead… but, I say that all the time.  Today is Wednesday, so that means it is time for Wednesday hodgepodge… enjoy.

1. Describe love using all five senses.

The sight of an elderly couple holding hands.

The smell of flowers in spring.

The taste of very good dark chocolate.

The sound of my kids’ laugh.

The feel of a good, tight hug.

2. February is Canned Food Month. What’s your favorite food that comes straight from a can?

Definitely canned Chef Boyardee mini ravioli.  99% of the time I eat it straight from the can… It has to be the mini kind though.  Yeah, I know.  Weird.

3. A principal in a UK school recently sent home a letter to parents requesting they (the parents!) dress appropriately when escorting their children to/from school (basically saying please don’t wear your pajamas) You can read the letter here. It’s gotten a lot of publicity, both positive and negative. Your thoughts? And do/did you ever make the school run (or hit Starbucks, Walmart, etc) in your pjs?

Heck no.  I am one of those people that barely go out to the mailbox without full makeup on.  It drives me nuts seeing people in their PJs out and about.

4. Crew neck, V-neck, turtleneck, scoop neck…which is most prevalent in your wardrobe?

Probably v-necks.

5. I read here recently a list of four things to avoid so you wake up happier. They were late night snacks, hitting the snooze button, social media just before bed/upon waking, checking emails.

Are you guilty of any of these behaviors? Which on that list do you need to work harder at avoiding?

Ummmm…. all of them.  I am in trouble, aren’t I?  The one I need to avoid is the late night snacks…. I used to be really good and just eat fruit or something, but lately it has turned into chocolate or salty stuff.

6. Share something you remember about a house you lived in as a child? Of all the homes you lived in as a child, which did you love best?

Under our steps going downstairs there was this storage room.  To get to it, you had to crawl through the closet.  It always reminded me of the “door” to Narnia.  I thought it would be a cool clubhouse but I could never convince my parents to let us play in there.  I only lived in one house… and my mom still lives there.  So, I guess I loved that house the most?

7. Your favorite movie based on a true story?

The first one that comes to mind is Schindler’s List.  I went with a friend to see it in the movie theater.  My poor mom didn’t know how long the movie was, so she sat in the car and waited on us.  I remember we ended up being an hour late for band practice that night because we were at the movies.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I’m having a bad day.  It was going okay, then I heated up my lunch – one of those Barilla pasta fresh bowl things.  I mixed the sauce in, took a bite, and it tasted disgusting.  So, I ran out to get something.  I drove around and nothing sounded good so I ended up at Taco Bell.  I got a quesarito and it was disgusting.  Guess I will be cooking tonight so I know it tastes good… lol.


  1. loved your answer to question 1

  2. The month-end – bane of an accountant’s existence, eh? Having a house with a door to Narnia would have been amazing!!

  3. I cannot eat canned ravioli. I don’t really get the appeal of running errands in pjs? Why has that become a thing? I was sick last week and on the couch most of the week. After Day 1 I got dressed, because staying in my pjs makes me feel worse, and lazy too. Enjoy your week!

  4. this pajama pants wearing them everywhere is crazy. saw a young lady in the doctors office with her pjs on now really could she not get dressed!

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