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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 357

Happy Wednesday!  It’s time for Wednesday Hodgepodge!  If you want to play along, hop over and visit Joyce for the questions, answer them on your own blog and then link.  Keep reading for this week’s answers…

1. Security or freedom? Can you have both? Explain.

I think there is a very thin, grey line between security and freedom.  There are too many variables involved to make it absolute in either case.  I think it is too easy to cross the line into either direction – too much security and you loose freedom to do things; too much freedom and security is non existent.  For the rest of our lives, it will be a balancing act to get the security and freedom mix correct – and I am guessing at times we will fail miserably.

2. If you could visit any historical American site what would it be? Why?

I would love to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  I have always read about it in books and in school and I think it would be awesome to see it in person.  I think it would be fun to see history come to life.

3. Free as a bird, free reign, be free of, free enterprise, free trip, walk away scot free, free for all…which ‘free’ phrase can best be applied to your life in recent days or weeks? Explain.

I guess free trip would be the most recent.  Even though I was in San Francisco for a conference, I was able to play tourist in the evenings – so, it was a “free trip” for me.

4. Something in your frig that’s red? Something in your house that’s white? Something in your view that’s blue?

I just bought a huge container of red strawberries, so those are in the fridge.  The walls in my apartment are all white.  In my view is two blue totes that I bought to store things in – they are sitting in the middle of the living room, right where I left them when I brought them into the apartment.

5. July 27th is National New Jersey Day. Have you ever visited The Garden State? If so where did you go? Are there diners where you live? Have you tried Taylor Pork Roll? Do you like to play Monopoly? Salt water taffy-yay or nay? How do you feel about shopping at the mall? Springsteen, Sinatra, or Bon Jovi-you have to pick one.

Raise your hand if you know why these add-on questions are appropriate on National NJ Day.

I have never been to New Jersey.  There are diners where we live, but I do not know what a Taylor Pork roll is.  I do like to play Monopoly and I like salt water taffy.  I can do without shopping at the mall.  And definitely Springsteen.  I am guessing all these things are from or started in New Jersey.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Next week is our 4th of July shutdown at work, and I cannot wait.  I need some time off.  I plan on hanging out at the pool, spending time with my bestie and kids and doing nothing!

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