Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol 419

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 419

Happy Wednesday. Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge! If you don’t know what the Hodgepodge is, it is a somewhat random question blog hop that Joyce hosts each week. You grab the questions, answer them, then link up for some fun! Let’s go!

1. It’s like my mama always said, “______________________________________________.” 

The one thing that sticks out that my mom always said to my brother and I growing up was KISS. If we would ask her why she said something or told us no, she would say KISS. It was supposed to be an acronym for “’cause I said so.” It worked until the one day my brother responded, “But, ’cause doesn’t start with a K!” She stopped saying it after that.

2. May 11th is National Eat What You Want Day. What will you be having by way of celebration? 

I ate my favorite recipe of mine – chili cheese fries. I haven’t had them forever, and they were sooooo good.

3. Describe your idea of a perfect spring day.

Sunny, 70, light breeze, good book.

4. Success, fulfillment, growth, achievement…pick one and tell us how it relates to your life in some way, either currently or in days gone by. 

As a woman in the car business, I have always struggled to have a voice at work. I always would say that in meetings they put me at the kid’s table. Last week, I was in a meeting with our new business unit manager, who is female. For the first time in my career, I felt like I was at the adult table. I was treated as an equal, listened to, made suggestions, etc. It was awesome! So, my word is fulfillment.

5. I saw this going around on various social media sites and thought it would be fun to answer here. The last thing you bought on Amazon is your weapon in battle. How will you wield it?  (if you’re not an Amazon shopper, then the last thing you bought online anywhere)

I have been trying to curtail my Amazon spending – so, I literally had to look online to see the last thing I purchased. It was eyedrops that I have on auto delivery. I might be in serious trouble. Maybe I can squirt them in the eye with them?

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I am ready for warmer weather – but not too hot. It has been weird here – a lot of rain, colder temperatures, dreary days. It almost reminds me of the beginning of winter. We have only had a couple of really nice spring days, the rest have been crappy. I haven’t even been able to do things out side – clean my flower beds, get the umbrella out, paint my shutters. Wait… maybe the weather is a good thing! That sounds like a lot of work!

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol 419


  1. Your chili cheese fries sound yummy! My choice was French fries.

  2. Well, it’s true that with warmer weather, there is more yard and garden work. But I do love being outside.

  3. Love your answers, and yay on feeling like you are at the adult table.

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