Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 422

Welcome back! Life has gotten away from me for a couple of weeks with work and the kids, but I am back in time for the next Wednesday Hodgepodge! We’d love if you’d join us! Grab the questions on Joyce’s blog, answer them and link up! Ready to play?

1. Besides the flag, tell us about something red, something white and something blue from your weekend. 

Hmmmm. Red was the shirt Troy stole out of my closet. White was Luna being crazy all weekend. Blue was the new notebook I bought for work. We really didn’t do much this weekend – went to lunch at Red Lobster on Saturday and then Sunday we did a little geocaching.

2. June is here and it’s National Give A Bunch of Balloons Month. Who would you give a bunch to if you could? Tell us why. 

I would give a bunch of balloons to my kids. They are always hilarious with balloons – trying to pop them and hitting them around.

3. What are three adjectives you associate with the month of June? Something you’re looking forward to this month?

Warm. Sunny. Sweet (smelling). I don’t think much is going on this month – I hope. But, if anything, I am looking forward to fresh, locally grown strawberries. Yum.

4. Tell us about a time (besides the obvious Corona answer) when you felt stuck in second gear.

Right now at my job. I am the only person in my group from the “old” organization which is still running the budget the way they did in the past. It has been very hard to get the “new” people that have joined us to understand the whys and hows. I am to the point I have just taken a step back and wait for them to ask questions. I just keep doing what I am supposed to be doing. I can’t make myself crazy trying to teach them everything. They are a great group – I couldn’t have been any luckier. But, they have done their way for years and I have done the “other” way for years… and it is hard to mesh the two.

5. Sum up your May in fifteen words or less.

Lots of rain. School ending. Work crazy.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Well, my family history and poor choices and genetics caught up with me last week. Some of my regular readers know I have PCOS, which predisposes (that’s my big word for June!) me to various illnesses/diseases. I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease, and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with the twins. Since Corona hit, I pretty much have eaten whatever and not exercised – and gained 30 pounds in a year and a half. Which, I am sure is like most people… however, my A1C keeps coming back high. I have been officially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So, my new “normal” is taking some getting used to – making sure I take my medicine, watching what I eat, visiting the doctor and nutritionist. But, I am going to be stronger than this diagnosis. I’ve overcome a lot in life… this is just a small pebble in my shoe.


  1. Our strawberry season has ended and we are moving into blueberry season here. I love fresh, locally grown strawberries – so sweet and delicious! So sorry to read about your diagnosis but it sounds like you have taken control!!

  2. Good luck with your health challenges. I think we all were a bit lax when it came to diet and exercise during Covid, but summer is a great time to regroup.

  3. Great attitude toward your health issues. Hope the work situation evens out soon. Happy June to you!

  4. I too like your outlook on your health. I think that when we have a perspective like that we are more prone to be successful in making changes.

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