Why My Family is the Best – Monday Listicles

Would you like to know why my family is the best?  That’s this week’s Monday Listicles topic, so you are in luck!  Next week’s topic is 10 Things You Buy Every Week.  So, grab yourself a cup of coffee or a diet soda and check out my listicle for today.

10 Reasons Why My Family is the Best

  1. My kids get my sarcasm and sense of humor.
  2. Nana and I’s silly stick-our-heads-together-and-take-a-picture photos we always take everywhere we go.
  3. The hand squeeze– we started this years ago… whenever we held hands for prayer or something we would give a little squeeze.  It was a secret “I love you.”
  4. Friday night “camping” in the living room for movies and pizza.
  5. Nana makes the best sheet forts.  Hands down.
  6. My dad never told me no.  Play tuba?  Go for it.  Drag race?  Let’s go.  Rebuild an engine when you are 12?  Go get your tools.  Tow the race car?  Sure, here’s the keys.
  7. The crazy memories and stories I have about growing up.
  8. We have two angels in Heaven looking over me – Daddy and Jeff.
  9. Going to the drive-in movies in the Malibu with a huge brown paper bag full of popcorn.
  10. All the laughs and good times.

Why is your family the best?  Share!

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  1. that’s a beautiful list babe… all teh love and laughs make a for a special family.

  2. I am definitely a big fan of the Friday night camping and movie/pizza. That has been our tradition for several years. Not having to cook one night per week is a blessing!
    I think we need a post from Nana on those sheet forts: I can never quite get it right! 🙂

  3. I told Nana she had a story request. We will see what she comes up with. LOL.

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