Wordless Wednesday: Blast from the Past

I was telling a good friend of mine about my Grandpa and how he rode his bicycle every day up until the day he died.  When he was in his 70’s, he even rode his bike across the United States by himself.  He died on my birthday about 13 years ago– he was on his way to a bike ride and a dog ran out in front of him and he wrecked.  He went into a coma and never woke up.  He was grumpy and grouchy old man… but most of the time you could tell it was just for show.  He loved his grandkids fiercely and really took interest in what we were doing and things we were involved in.  Every Sunday, he would call to ask me how I did at the track Saturday night.

I will never forget one time, dad and I were working on the brakes of my Malibu and I was having a heck of the time with my side.  The race car was parked in Grandpa’s garage and he had some out to say goodbye before leaving for square dancing.  He put his stuff down and helped me… getting grease and brake dust all over his clean white shirt.  He finished up and laughed and said, “I better go change.” He didn’t even think twice about helping us, even though he was dressed up and had plans.

I just wish my kids would have had a chance to meet both their great-grandpas and their grandpa.

Anyways… I found a couple of pictures on the Dayton Cycling Club’s website where he was a very active member.  I am not sure who took these pictures (if you know, please let me know), so I am going to put my watermark on them as protection.


1994 Camp-O-Rama 1
My grandpa is the one on the left in front with the pink helmet on.


Grandpa is the one in the very front with the crazy shirt on.

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