Wordless Wednesday: Girl’s Day

Mo and I had girl’s day on Saturday.  We started our day at the scrapbook store in town, ate lunch, went to the salon, went to Toys R Us and then had ice cream.  While we were eating ice cream, Mo kept saying, “It’s just us Mommy.  No boys allowed.”

Mo Girls Day

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  1. “No boys allowed” days are so special, and important as the kids grow up. Glad you were able to have a great day with your little girl.

  2. She must have been so excited to have you all to herself! My daughter loves alone time with me even if all we’re doing is going grocery shopping. Reminds me I need to make more opportunities for her to have that alone time!

  3. Both of my kids enjoy that special alone time. Even if it’s just sneaking out for a milkshake. Emmett calls them our “dude dates” since he’s a dude.

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