Words That Make Me Laugh – Monday Listicles

Happy Monday!  This week’s listicles topic is Words That Make Me Laugh brought to us by Kerry.  Next week’s topic is 10 Things That Make Your Family Great.  So, without further adieu… (Come on, I haven’t said that in awhile!)… I give you…

10 Words That Make Me Laugh
  1. Whopperjawed.  “That piece of wood is whopperjawed.”  Not sure how to define whopperjawed, my grandpa used to say it all the time and then I started to say it and now my kids say it.
  2. Chocolate.  Who doesn’t laugh or at least smile when they hear the word chocolate?
  3. _ucky Charms.  “Mom, we need more _ucky Charms.”  Unfortunately, as Bo yelled this out in the cereal aisle, he used F instead of L.  I laughed so hard I had to lean against the shelf.
  4. Come to Papa.  “Come to papa.  Come to papa.”   This is what Bo says when he is playing Mario Kart and is chasing down the other racers.  I have no clue where he got it at.
  5. Mommy Robot.  “Maybe the Mommy Robot can help us out.”  This is what Mo says when I am stressed out.  I am not sure who the mommy robot is… but, someone better give me her number.
  6. Holy Porsche.  As Sally Porsche is pulling away from Lightning McQueen, he says “Holy Porsche.”  I use this a lot when I really want to say Holy Sh*t.
  7. Ain’t No Thang but a Chicken Wang.  Over by the Hub’s old job, there was this guy who would wash your windows at the gas station for money, he would always say this while he was doing it.  Repeatedly.  It kinda stuck.
  8. This is easy.  Okay, anyone who prefaces anything with these words is LYING.
  9. Coach.  “Did you see that new Coach purse online?”  Seriously, my. favorite. purse. brand. ever.  How can you not laugh and smile?  (Okay, so its more of a crazy-I’m-going-to-be-in-trouble-if-the-Hubs-finds-out-I-bought-another-Coach-purse laugh… but, its a laugh nonetheless.)
  10. Thank you.  By itself, this is a great word.  My kids say it almost all the time when someone does something for them.  However, used in this context is what makes me laugh: “Thank you mommy for wiping my bum.”  Really?  I think I need to scale back the manners on the kids.

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  1. #3 made me totally giggle! I would have had a hard time containing myself in the store.

  2. I’m going to have to remember that Holy Porche! And I think if you are wiping butt you definitely deserve a thank you.

  3. Haha! Love this list. Your number 10 reminded me of my number 9! “You’re so nice to spank me, Mommy, but I just don’t like it!”

  4. That was indeed a charming story.

  5. Kids are so funny…’come to Papa’ is sooo cute. My nephew was playing connect with some friends, and I heard him say ‘No worries…I’ll help you out’ I’ve NEVER heard him say ‘no worries’ and it just struck me as an odd thing to say so peacefully while playing the crash-bash game of Transformers.

    Also, I LOVE Coach too – the designs and colors are addicting, and they really churn out those styles. It’s the only brand that makes me want to buy a lime green or peach anything….just because.

    Happy Monday Listicles!

  6. At first I thought #4 was maybe your Hubs way of being fiesty! Ha ha!!! Chocolate – universal word for happiness.

  7. Love your list. “Thank you” is such a great one. Whenever someone goes out of their way to say thanks, it’s a good thing, and cause for smile. And _ucky charms – priceless. Happy Monday!

  8. I am going to start calling my hubby whooperjawed, lol…that is great.

    I want a Mommy Robot mommy to help us out too, LOL

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