You, My Friends, Are Idiots

You, My Friends, Are Idiots

On Friday mornings, I usually treat myself to a turkey sausage muffin from Tim Hortons.  On the back through town I had an interesting front seat to a road rage drama.   I had a front row view of a couple of idiots… so, this is an open letter to them, in the very small, minuscule chance they read my blog.  Of course, we know they won’t… but, it makes me feel better…

Dear Idiot in the Black Honda and Black Monte Carlo,

This might be a concept foreign to you, so maybe you need some assistance in understanding common courtesy.  You do not run up on someone’s rear end, then whip into the turn only lane and then proceed to cut them off while barely avoiding a bicycler.  You just don’t.  It’s bad karma.  Not only did Ms. Black Honda do this, Mr. Black Monte Carlo proceeded to do the same maneuver to her and myself!  BOTH barely missing the bicycler.


For a second, I had flash backs of drag racing…

Go figure.

I slowed down to see how this little drama would play out.

Mr. Black Monte Carlo slowed way down… about 10 below the speed limit.  Ms. Black Honda rode Mr. Black Monte Carlo’s bumper all the way through the historical district.  (Me, I just cruised along eating my turkey sausage muffin and laughing…)

Mr. Black Monte Carlo came to a dead stop at a cross street without a stop sign or light.  Ms. Black Honda barely misses rear ending him.  He then proceeds to turn on a side street.

Ms. Black Honda slams on the gas – wonder what her pick up was? – and was at the circle before I could even accelerate from stopping for Mr. Black Monte Carlo and the crash I thought was going to occur.

Ms. Black Honda enters the roundabout, cutting off a car and a semi before heading south.  As I was heading west, I did not get to enjoy the rest of the show.  I did, however, notice the car seat in the backseat of her Honda.  Nice, lady.

So, wheverever you are, and whomever you are… I hope you both got to where you are going in one piece.  And, on time.

You, my friends, are idiots.

You both really need to get a grip and get over yourselves when it comes to driving on the street.  Your safety, which really I could care less about at this point, and the safety of others is at stake.  My children’s lives might be at stake one day.

I hope you were early – or at least on time – for work or wherever you were going today.

If you keep driving like that, however, you are going to be on time for your funeral.  I just hope it is only yours and no one else’s that become unwanted participants in your little drama at 6:20 in the morning.

You two are idiots.


The grey Honda that was driving the speed limit

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