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Happy Monday!  Well, I am now able to share my “good news” that I alluded to a week or so ago.  And, no… I am not pregnant.  I have accepted a new job as an accountant in a different business unit at the company I work for.  I am so excited – I will be doing what I became an accountant to do.  ALL the accounting, not just bank reconciliations and whatever else needs done.  My first day at the new place is October 27th.  I can’t wait.  Well, since it is Monday, that means it is time for Monday Listicles.  This week’s topic is 10 Favorite Pinterest Pins.  Here we go…


  1. 23b647b3c1d0a8f62d835371764f7ec8


2.  4980d9fb84fb74d834184eeaa0924ba2


3. 488d23bc6773b2979251e827c58b3f4b


4.  845626e2797d38604b28dc2ae5909f22


5.  17b9de36ffb014077e2866461524bcdf


6.  98107c9bc87a1ab15e32f8f21fc64d57


7.  a3d6ce9f7865caa8fd21a03d8e10ee12


8.  50eafd3d24ddaeaa04d1c020f4d611ba


9.  01aab3ce4c954fd7b13ac6782fbc7e62


10.  eafd2d982dee6493eec6400a56ef6442


These are some of my favorite pins…. what are some of yours?  Please feel free to share the Pin link in the comments below.

And, make sure you are following me on Pinterest!

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  1. My mom saw a painted flag very similar to the one you pinned. She made one and it hangs in her sun porch.
    It will be interesting to see what the kids remember and how they remember it when they’re older. I’m catching glimpses of it now that they are teenagers and see their little brothers doing things they used to do (or not do).

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