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10 Items Twin Parents Need

Last week on the radio, I heard a commercial for thermometer and the announcer said it was the “must-have” item for new parents.  It made me laugh because while I was pregnant I was bombarded with advice of items I needed and ended up never, ever using.  As a new twin parent, you fall into the trap of “gotta have two” of everything… you really don’t.  I thought today, I’d share my 10 Items Twin Parents Need.

Things Twin Parents Need | Mini Van Dreams

  1. Two nursing pillows… you know, the ones that are the half circle with the hole in the center.  We used them all the time… as extra hands while feeding, to prop them up on the floor, for mommy and daddy to take a quick nap.  You definitely need two.  I was the master of feeding two babies at once with these pillows.
  2. Membership to a local warehouse club – Diapers.  Bulk.  Cheap.  Enough said.  (Formula too, but check with your doctor before switching.)
  3. Forehead thermometer – this is a lifesaver.  If you are checking temps, you can just do a quick swipe and get the reading.
  4. A “bag of tricks” – this is a traveling bag that will go with you in public places.  Inside, you will put fun, interesting, unique toys that the babies/kids normally don’t get to play with daily.  When they get fussy or cranky, you pull out a “trick” and entertain them.  Mine even had one of those little fuzzy worm things with the invisible string… I’d run it across the table or my hand and the kids would howl with laughter.  Our twins are almost 6, and I still have a bag of tricks in my purse when we go out.
  5. A good come back – You need to pre-plan what you will reply when someone interrupts the first hot meal you have had in days with the inevitable question “Are they twins?”  And, trust me… they will.  Have fun with this.  The best one I have heard is when they ask say, “No, this one I had and that one I found in the parking garage on the way out of the hospital.”
  6. Double umbrella stroller – Even though you have the front to back, car-seat-holding stroller.  You are going to want a side by side umbrella stroller for quick errands or for walks around the neighborhood.  It beats pushing a truck around.  Just sayin’.
  7. Onesies and knit pants – Yes, the coordinating/matching outfits are super cute.  But, when you have twins you don’t have time to play dress up.  Buy multiple onesies and multiple pairs of knit pants.  Create outfits.  Go.  You’ll thank yourself in the long run.
  8. TWO formula traveling containers – You can usually find these at Babies R Us for a few bucks.  If you are going to be out and about, you pre-measure your formula into the divided sections and can just dump it into the bottle when you need it.  But, definitely buy two… you have twins, remember?  (I tried with one container… trust me on this one.  There was a frenzied stop for formula.)
  9. Car Stash – Always have extra diapers, wipes, burp rags, trash bags, and changes of clothes (for YOU and the twins) in your car.  Just leave them there all the time, but remember to change out the clothes as they grow.  This will save you time and if you get in a dirty-diaper-pinch, you will be ready.  It will also save you from having to carry a suitcase with you wherever you go.  My diaper bag looked like carry-on luggage until I got smart.
  10. Your Poison of Choice – (Coffee, soda, chocolate, etc.)  You have to remember to take care of yourself.  There are going to be nights you will not sleep.  Someone ought to tell you now.  There are stretches of days that I don’t even remember sleeping.  It sucks.  But, it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.  So, make sure you have something to get you through the day.  They do grow up… and, its still crazy… but, its a lot more fun.

While this post is snarky, there is some truth behind it.  Don’t fall into the gotta have two of everything.  Really.  Unless, its two large pieces of Godiva chocolate.  You definitely need two of those.


  1. When my twins were born a very long time ago (they just had their 29th birthdays 4 days ago) we didn’t have the money to buy two cribs. If you can’t afford two cribs right away, don’t stress. Twins will fit in the same crib for a long time, depending on their weight. Besides, they may even sleep better since they’re so used to being together.

    Funny come back. I got SO tired of hearing that question “Are they twins?” I couldn’t even guess the number of times I heard that one. I would look at those people and say no, actually they were triplets. That was enough to confuse people that they’d just walk away. LOL Actually, back then we didn’t have all the fancy ultrasounds they have now and you were lucky to even see the shape of a baby back then in those fuzzy pictures, yet the doctors were just positive it was a boy or a girl. Many times they were wrong too. They were WAY wrong on me because I’m high risk and needed a McDonald Cerclage by 13 weeks so my first appointment to confirm pregnancy included an ultrasound too. That is when they told us we were having twins. Then I had very frequent ultrasounds through the entire pregnancy, at least once a month. The third one is when they announced it was triplets. I cried all the way home. Seriously. This would become a very long short novel if I told the entire story so I’ll shorten it a lot. I had high risk pregnancy docs who supposedly did very high risk ultrasounds as well and claimed they could get to within 3 ounces of weight each baby was at each ultrasound. Every single time they gave me pictures and weights of three babies. I had a lovely (NOT) one month stay in the hospital a few months prior to them being born and in the end? Twins by C-section and after that was closed, that 3rd one? Gallbladder removal which was the reason for that month in the hospital because I kept losing weight. They forced me to eat 4,000 calories a day and still I lost weight. Do you have ANY idea how much food that is? I ate all day long and if awake overnight those nurses would bring more food that I couldn’t eat earlier in the day telling me I needed to finish it. ugh. So anyway, six months I was treated as if there were triplets in there and it was just twins and gallstones. I didn’t tell people that though. I just snickered as they walked away confused on why I said my twins were triplets. lol

    Oh, and the biggest question I got tired of hearing, considering they were both dressed exactly alike and all in blue was, “Are they both boys?” WTF? Are you kidding me?

  2. Don Gibson says:

    I always liked the response “are they identical” after you just answered their “are they twins” question with yes boy, girl.

  3. I feel for you. We had placenta blood flow problems and I had to eat tons… but, I was also diabetic and they wanted me to eat healthy. Do you know how much chicken you have to eat to get to those kind of calories?! I ended up literally eating a frozen pizza each day for lunch just to get them nutrients.

    One lady came across the restaurant and asked if they were twins. Now, mind you, this was the first hot meal I had had in weeks… I looked at her and said “yes.” Then, she turns to my husband and asks, “Is this the father?” I looked her dead in the eye and said “He is the father of this one, but the other one was my boyfriend’s.” She kinda looked at me for a second and then huffed off. Teach her to ask stupid questions! LOL.

  4. Do you remember the crazy lady at Tumbleweed that came from the other room and then asked you if you were the dad?! LOL.

  5. I’ve seen some of this with our twin grandsons. People’s reactions are sometimes hilarious and sometimes outrageous!

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