10 Things I Learned at Women of Faith

I spent Friday night and all day Saturday in Columbus with my friend Betsy at Women of Faith.  I had never been before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  But, I am glad I went.  We had a blast and can’t wait until next year.  Today, for my “list” I thought I’d share 10 Things I Learned at Women of Faith.  Ready?  Let’s go.

1.  Nurture the boy, but call out the man.  I am not sure exactly what this means.  Steve Arterburn (the founder of WOF) mentioned it in his segment.

2.  Wear comfy shoes and socks.  I did wear comfy shoes, but horrible socks.  My feet still hurt.

3.  Order your food ahead of time, if possible.  Since I was a newbie, and Betsy had been going for years… she knew to do this.  I encourage you to check out the other options available around the place the event is being held.  Don’t settle for the boxed lunch.  We preordered Jimmy Johns and walked right in and picked it up.  No waiting in lines.

4.  Speaking of lines, be prepared to wait in line for the potty.  So, before you drink that mega-sized drink that you spent $10 on at the concession stand… remember to either plan your potty break ahead, or be prepared to cross your legs and jump up and down in line while you wait your turn.  I’m speaking from experience.

5.  A&E’s Duck Dynasty show is based on faith and God.  Who knew.  I didn’t, until I heard Korie Robertson speak.  I might watch the show now.

6.  Always be original.  Korie’s daughter spoke for a few minutes and said she wants to spread the message of being original.  I thought it was awesome.

7.  Don’t be afraid to talk to your fellow sisters.  You all have at least two things in common – faith and a man.

8.  I love Sheila Walsh.  I had never heard her speak before, but she has an amazing way about her.  I’d love to be able to meet her in person.

9.  Building 429 is a pretty cool Christian rock band.  I had never heard Christian rock music before.

10.  Luci Swindoll is hilarious.  She is one of those people I’d love to take to lunch to just listen to her stories.

We all know that I don’t like my religion pounded into me or to be preached at by someone who doesn’t practice it.  But, Women of Faith was nothing like that.  It was a fun time – kinda like a big slumber party sans pajamas and sleeping.

If you have never gone, I encourage you to go at least once.  I can’t wait until next year.


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  1. I’ glad you had such a good time.
    Yes, Duck Dynasty is a good show.
    Christian rock has some amazing artists. One of my favorites (I don’t know if he is rock, per se) is Steven Curtis chapman.
    I think you’ll understand the “Nurture the boy, call out the man” thing when your son gets older. As a mom with teen boys, I totally get it.

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