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DO OVER! 10 Things I Would Do Over

Happy Monday!  Today’s list is 10 Things I Would Do Over.  Do you have anything in your life that you would do over?  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just go back and do something differently and change the course of events?  Ready to see my list?

DO OVER! 10 Things I'd Do Over | Mini Van Dreams

10 Things I Would Do Over

  1. I would go bowling with my brother when he would call and ask.
  2. I would have partied just a little bit more in high school.
  3. I would have stayed in marching band for my senior year.
  4. I would have lived by myself before getting married – I went from living with my parents, to living with a friend, to living with Don.
  5. I would have taken more pictures growing up.
  6. I would have attempted to stay at Ursuline College and get my PR degree.
  7. I would have accepted the offer to be the assistant director at the preschool.
  8. I would have traveled more before having kids.
  9. I would have studied more and paid attention in school.
  10. I would have listened to the stories both my grandpa’s had to tell rather than ignoring them or rolling my eyes.

What would YOU change if you could?  Maybe there is something in your life that you could change right now that has been bothering you… maybe for years.

I am giving you a “DO OVER” today… change something!



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  1. We have friends who opened a winery in Oregon and were invited to attend their inaugural release party but didn’t go for some dumb reason that I can’t even remember now. I try not to regret anything but I do regret missed opportunities like this to experience once in a lifetime events!

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