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20 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

Do you need some inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas?  If you are like most couples, you are watching your pennies and budgeting your money.  Romance and “date nights” tend to be the first thing to go when money is tight.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you might be sweating on what to do with your sweetie that is both romantic and inexpensive.  So, take a deep breath and see what you can pull together for your honey that doesn’t cost a fortune!

20 Inexpensive Valentine's Day Ideas | Mini Van Dreams

Romance and “date nights” tend to be the first thing to go when money is tight. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.


20 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Have an indoor picnic – prepare a special meal, or finger foods, for your honey.  Spread a blanket on the floor or the bed and have an indoor picnic.  “Dessert” is up to you.
  2. Make a homemade CD – burn a CD with your honey’s favorite songs, music from your wedding, or songs that remind you of them.  Your computer more than likely already has this capability, so no special skills or software is required.  Song ideas: Unchained Melody, I Will Always Love You, At Last, Wonderful Tonight, You Are the Sunshine of My Life, More Than Words.
  3. Sunrise/Sunset – take your sweetie to a special lookout point and watch the sunrise or sunset together. (Or both.)
  4. Collage – Create a collage of your relationship using pictures.  You can do this online with a photo program or using a frame and scrapbook supplies.
  5. Movie night!  Rent or borrow from the library a classic romantic movie.  Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, and snuggle in for some movie time.  Bonus:  no ushers to kick you out for making out!  Good movies to try: Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Sleepless in Seattle, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, Sixteen Candles, On Golden Pond.
  6. Create IOU coupons – These can be practical (i.e. movie night, clean the house) or romantic (I’ll let you create your own ideas here…)
  7. Soap Note – Use a bar of soap to leave a sweet love note on your bathroom mirror in the morning.
  8. Homemade Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – Buy a bag of candy melts at the store.  These are usually less than $3.  Follow the directions to melt these in the microwave.  Dip your strawberries and allow to cool.  Arrange prettily on a plate or in a box.
  9. Scavenger Hunt – Create a scavenger hunt with clues hidden around the house and yard.  You could even get people involved and have clues hidden in various locations around town you know your honey frequents during the day.  The prize… your choice.  Ideas include: movie night, indoor picnic, dinner out…
  10. Second First Date – Recreate your first date.
  11. Breakfast in Bed – Create a scrumptious breakfast in bed for your sweetie.
  12. Play Tourist – Spend the day driving around your area and visiting places that you would visit if you were vacationing in your town.  Think wineries, museums, parks, etc.  Need ideas?  Contact your town’s visitors bureau.
  13. Love Note Jar – Decorate a jar (or leave it plain) and fill it with little “I love you” notes that can be pulled out and read throughout the year as a reminder to your honey why you love them.
  14. Spa Day – Create an at-home spa day for you and your honey.  Think candles, special bubble bath/soap, snacks, wine, robes… the sky is the limit.  Arrange everything in a pretty basket.
  15. Pillow Talk – Leave a love note and a rose on your honey’s pillow to be found at bedtime.
  16. Game night – In today’s electronic world, when was the last time you and your sweetie laughed over a board game!  Serve some fun foods and challenge your sweetie to a game of Clue or Monopoly.
  17. Moonlight Walk – Go for a moonlit walk. Hold hands.  Kiss.  I won’t tell.
  18. Rewrite Your Vows – Rewrite your wedding vows.  Be silly.  Be serious.  Show him or her you’d do it all over again.
  19. Make A V-Day Card – Raid your kids’ construction paper and glitter.  Make a Valentine’s Day card from scratch.
  20. Hide the Hearts – Grab a box of conversation hearts and hide them where your honey can find them.  Think pockets, purse, car seat, cupboard…

What inexpensive ideas do you have for Valentine’s Day?  Anything I missed?  Any you’d like to share?




  1. A great reminder that the little gestures are often more meaningful than the grand (and expensive) ones!

  2. When you get in your senior years you tend to forget special things to do on certain holidays.Nice reminder.

  3. I really like your ideas. Unfortunately I’m still single, so I guess I will spend Valentine’s Day alone :’D but… maybe I will try that chocholate strawberries! 😀 At least I will have more for myself, hahahaha. dorcii from Swapbot

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