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5 Things You Need on Your Next Camping Trip

Today, I have Ali Lawrence sharing her recommendations for the 5 Things You Need on Your Next Camping Trip!  So, before you get to packing the marshmallows and chocolate bars – make sure you read on to find some helpful suggestions that Ali has for things you need to pack!

Chances are, you’ve already made plans for this summer’s camping trip…

But have you begun getting your packing list together yet?

One of the most obvious differences between camping and checking in to a hotel is that you’re going to need more than just your suitcase to feel comfortable out there.  That’s why you might just want to get your hands on these 5 items before you venture out to a time of s’mores, sunscreen and songs around the fire.


#1: BioLite

It has to be one of the coolest gizmos for the outdoor enthusiast, just because of how useful it can be.

Using twigs off the ground for fuel, the BioLite can convert that small fire inside its cylinder into juice that can recharge your Smartphone!  It doesn’t get much more versatile than that, especially considering the fact that you don’t have to carry along any liquid fuel canisters.  By the way, you can even warm your tea on the fire while you wait. It’s a gadget that can be pretty darn handy in a pinch!


#2: Mosquito Magnet

Let’s face it; we all attract way too many mosquitoes.  Though, some things will attract those evil bloodsuckers more than others, such as…

  • Perfume or cologne
  • Blonde and red hair
  • Dark colored clothing
  • Heat
  • CO2

Taller people tend to emit more heat and carbon dioxide than shorter people.  So, if you’re petite, you’re not wearing perfume, you’re a brunette, and you’re wearing a grey shirt and light blue jeans –then you’re just going to get bit less.

But, why get bit at all?

With the Mosquito Magnet, you can actually trap all of those mosquitoes and draw them away from your campsite.  These CO2 emitting traps are probably the most effective way of fighting back against the pests.  Say goodbye to itching all night long because you missed a spot while spraying DEET.


#3: Weekender Medical Kit

When you’re that far away from a hospital, you don’t want to take any chances.  That’s why you should take along this comprehensive medical kit.  It’s adequate enough for a whole bunch of people over a weekend, or a few people over a weeklong adventure. Either way, it’s light, so it won’t be a chore to carry to your tent, yet it’s got enough of the important stuff to give you peace of mind.

Hopefully, you won’t ever need it… but if you did, you’ll be glad you had it.


#4: Deluxe Camper’s Kitchen

The Cabela’s Deluxe Camper’s Kitchen is pretty much the Cadillac of outdoor cooking.

While you’ll still feel like you’ve left your home kitchen, your family won’t taste the difference.  You’ll get lots of shelf space, a place to hang a lantern (so your spouse doesn’t have to sit there with a flashlight), and not to mention, it’s got a spacious grilling area!

It also packs away nicely, making it a snap to move, store and load into the van.


#5: Colorful Campfire Crystals

These ‘campfire crystals’ are just pure fun.  I’ve seen this stuff work, and trust me; you will be amazed.

All you have to do is crack them open and throw the crystals in the fire.  Before you know it, your campfire looks like something out of a fantasy movie.  Your campfire will change all kinds of colors, and your kids aren’t going to get enough of them.

Oh, speaking of kids –don’t worry; the crystals are completely safe to burn.  It won’t hurt anybody’s lungs, or the environment for that matter.


Hopefully, that should make your shopping list a little easier.  Camping should be fun, and not a time spent worrying if you forgot anything important.  With items like these, you might just be able to relax and enjoy the smell of roasted marshmallows.

5 Things You Need on Your Next Camping Trip: Guest Post | Mini Van Dreams #guestpost #camping

Ali Lawrence is a blogger over at Homey Improvements. She enjoys cooking in her apple red kitchen, binge reading fantasy books, and having fun with her family in the beautiful outdoors. Find her on Twitter @DIYfolks.

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