A Beautiful Princess

Friday night, when I got home from my fantasy football draft, I was looking around on Pinterest and kept seeing these tulle tutus for girls.  I checked out some of the links and figured out how to make one.  Saturday morning, Morgan and I set out for Hobby Lobby to get the supplies.  Thankfully, the tulle rolls were on sale for 50% off.  (Whew!)  
She picked out the colors– pink, blue, green and white.  Supposedly, according to her, that is the color of Tinker Bell’s fairy princess dress.  I bought a roll of tulle for each color, plus a package of elastic and she wanted ribbon… all for less than $20.  
Check out Twig and Toadstool for step-by-step instructions:  Fae Fabulous Tutu Tutorial.
The tutu colors.
I layered a white piece and colored piece for each knot.  You literally just slip knot them around the elastic.  SUPER EASY.
The finished product.
Don’t you wish YOU had one?
Not bad for $20 and about a half hour.  According to the above tutorial, you can cut the tulle to any length you want.  Morgan wanted hers to be like a princess dress… so, I made it long.  Plus, I was thinking… when she outgrows this one, I can reuse the same tulle on the next one!  Cool, right?  
While we were eating dinner Saturday night, Morgan told me that she had the most beautiful princess dress she ever saw in the whole wide world.
This momma did good.


  1. Nice job Mom, and what a very appreciative daughter you have

  2. looks fairy perfect!:)great job! have a great week!

  3. SO cute! I might have to do this for my twins. They are OBSESSED with anything fairy/princess.

  4. Love the tutu’s! I’m gonna have to get crafty for my girls with those. Thanks for stopping by BreakForMoms.com!

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