Agony of De’Feet

Do you have a pair of go-to jeans? The ones that are as soft and broken in and have been with you through thick and thin? The jeans you immediately grab out of the drawer when getting dressed? A few days ago, a pair of Levi’s I have had for 10 years got a hole in the thigh. The material was so thin, I knew it was coming. But, it still hurt. I love these jeans. I kept wearing them, even after losing weight – I didn’t even need to unzip them, I could just pull them on and off. But, now they are too thin to be patched.

Recently, I tried to find replacements… but the jeans were too stiff and uncomfortable. Not like my trusty, old pair. I was telling my boyfriend about my jeans getting a hole, and I started laughing and remembered this post from December 2015, about a 20+ year old pair of socks.

I guess you can’t say I don’t wear my clothes more than once… guess, now I need to go shopping for jeans.

Originally posted December 2015:

Something very bad happened Friday morning.  So bad, I wanted to cry.  I literally sat down on the edge of the bed, and sighed.  It truly took the wind out of me.  A pair of socks I have owned and worn for 21 years are destined for the trash.  It has become something of a joke… I have owned the same socks for 21 years.  I paid for them myself at 16 years old… cold, hard cash.  Why?  Because I was tired of my feet being cold during marching band.

I purchased these socks from L.L. Bean in 1994.  They were $16.  As a 16 year old kid, still wet behind the ears, I probably didn’t even blink an eye that I was paying $16 for one pair of socks.  I just wanted warm feet.

In fact, I remember I didn’t even order them online!  I ordered them from a catalog using the order form in the center.  I had to give the cash to my mom (Nana) to write me a check to send.

Technically, they only cost me 77¢ a year.  Even Dave Ramsey couldn’t find fault with that.

Friday morning, when I put my socks on… my heel went right thru them.  Right thru them like a hot knife in butter.

Agony of De Feet | Mini Van Dreams

An era has come to an end.

I half-heartedly went to L.L. Bean to see if they still sold them, and they do… for $20 a pair.

These socks have been with me for 21 years.

3 years of marching band.

Multiple road trips.

Hundreds of snow days.

Thousands of drag races.

5 World of Outlaw Finals in Charlotte, NC

1 Trip to Atlanta

3 Trips to Pittsburgh

Countless normal days.

I have worn them with boots.  Worn them with tennis shoes.  Worn them to bed.

I have worn them in snowstorms.  Worn them in mud.  Worn them in puddles.  Worn them while drag racing.

They have always kept my feet warm and toasty.

But, all good things must come to an end.

L.L. Bean still sells these amazing socks… they were Merino Cotton Socks.  But, what if the quality still isn’t the same?  What if they don’t live up to their predecessor?  What if my feet get cold?

I am slightly traumatized by Friday’s “breakthrough.”  I spent all weekend, looking for socks that would pass the decade test.

I guess, I should just pony-up and purchase the same socks from L.L Bean.

Technically, they only cost me 77¢ a year.  Even Dave Ramsey couldn’t find fault with that.

But, that truly isn’t the point.

The point is, these socks were broken in and comfortable and had been with me through a lot.

New socks are a huge commitment.   They might not live up to expectations.  They might not last as long.

They might not keep my feet warm.

But, at least this time, I can buy them online.

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