American Heart Association Go Fresh Book Review | Mini Van Dreams #review #bookreview #recipes

American Heart Association Go Fresh Book Review

Since Don’s Lynch Syndrome and cancer last summer, we have been trying to revamp our diet to make sure we are doing everything within our power to eat healthier.  When I was given the opportunity to review the American Heart Association’s Go Fresh book, I jumped at the opportunity to try some new recipes with our family.

American Heart Association Go Fresh Book Review | Mini Van Dreams #review #bookreview #recipes

I have purchased American Heart Association cookbooks before and have been pleased with the array of recipes and meals I have prepared.  So, when I saw this Go Fresh cookbook – I didn’t give it a second thought about reviewing it.

That being said, however, this is one of the worst cookbooks I have used from the American Heart Association.  Sadly, the best part of the book was the shopping and storage tips.  While all the recipes featured fresh foods – obviously – there was nothing even remotely feasible for my family.  For example, could you see 5 year olds eating Filets Mignons with Blackberry-Soy Reduction?  If I put that on the table, they’d run me over getting to the cupboard for something else.  Most of the recipes also have excessive amounts of ingredients – not budget-friendly at all.  Some of the recipes I question the cooking times, however.  They seem to be more applicable in a test kitchen that real life (you know, dogs and kids running through the kitchen).

The nice thing about this cookbook is that everything is spelled out – prep time, servings, cooking time, and nutrition.  This book would be great for a couple or a family with older children that are more robust in their cuisine.

Unfortunately, this cookbook – while a great concept – is not family or budget-friendly in my opinion.  I would highly suggest checking it out at the library or doing the “Look Inside!” option at Amazon to see if it is something you would use prior to purchasing it.

I was rather disappointed in this book from the American Heart Association.

Disclosure: I received Go Fresh for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.  No affiliate links present in this post.

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  1. Aw, I am disappointed for you but appreciate your honesty. We definitely need budget friendly and easy to prep with a family of 5 and it takes me twice as long to prepare things because of my arthritic hands.

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