An Interview With Santa

Hey folks!  Coming to you live from the North Pole where I caught up with the Jolly Elf himself.  He managed to answer a few questions between supervising the elves and visiting eBay.  Read on for the answers to the questions you were dying to know the answers to…

Me:  Santa, come on, spill the beans.  How do you get to all the houses on Christmas eve?

Santa:  It’s magic.  I have several helpers strategically placed around the world that lend me a hand and work for peanuts…uh, Christmas cookies.


Me:  Do you have a favorite cookie or snack on Christmas eve?

Santa:  Ho, ho, ho.  Why yes I do!  I love homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, and snickerdoodles.  Don’t leave me any healthy stuff like carrots.  I need the sugar to stay awake all night.


Me:  Do you really have a list and check it twice? Do you know who has been naughty or nice?

Santa:  Well, in this day and age, its on my Smartphone.  But, the principle is the same.  I have my lists.  Parents send me emails and I have my Elves keeping an eye on things in children’s houses.  Let’s see… Julia, Julia… which list are you on?

Me:  Uhhhh.  Moving on.


Me:  Does Rudolph really have a red shiny nose?

Santa:  Well, funny thing.  Rudolph has a brown nose like all the other reindeers.  For some reason, he likes to wear a light-up clown nose on Christmas eve.  So, that’s where the legend came from.  Rudolph prances to the beat of a different drum.


Me:  Does the elves really make all the toys for the good boys and girls?

Santa:  Who are you kidding?  We shop at Wal-mart.  They have layaway.  And, eBay.  I love me some eBay.


Me:  Where do you go after Christmas eve?

Santa:  I swing by the North Pole, pick up the old lady and we head south to where the beaches are white and the weather is hot.  I spend my free time making leis for the tourists.


Santa:  Well, I have to run… I have a meeting with my agent.  Wait, here you are…. why are you on the naughty list…?


Me:  Well, there you have it folks… an up close and personal interview with Santa.  Tune in next time when I come to you live from Hansel and Gretel’s House!  Until next time.


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  1. LOL! I can’t tell ALL my secrets!

  2. you are compiling all of this for your first book right?

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