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An Old Poem: Untitled

We have been in the process of cleaning out some crap that we no longer need… some of it has been in boxes since we moved into our house seven years ago.  Saturday, I came across a box that had some old literary magazines from high school.  We also found some old high school year books which the kids thought were hilarious.  (Did we really look like that?!)  My junior and senior year, I was involved with the literary magazine in high school.  My senior year, I was actually lucky enough to be an editor.  So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the poems/stories that I wrote… so, here is a poem called Untitled that I wrote my senior year.

Dark, humid night.

A deserted park

One lonely street light

An empty amphitheater.

Silent music

Four kids.

Dancing. Twirling.

Jumping.  Running.

To music unheard

In the moonlight.

Two pairs,

Awkward couples

Bowing to one another.

One song ends, unheard,

Another begins.

Silently, gleefully

Kids who are adults

Gracefully dance in the moonlight

Draped, in summer clothes,

Yet, wearing beautiful ballroom attire.

Dancing and dancing.

One couple to another.

One big group.

Dancing.  Happily dancing.

Until all the musicians

In the Universe

Pack away long, unused instruments

or until the sun rises

breaking the spell.

The ballroom, the ball

Will disappear like magic

And in its place will be

A cement amphitheater

In a sun-kissed park.

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